Down the street from us lived a boy named Eddy. We were not supposed to play with him, because he came from a very different kind of background.

Nanny called it ‘breeding’. Eddy was allowed to run freely through the neighbourhood and had several brothers and sisters, who we all knew in the neighbourhood as having freedom we all wished for.

One afternoon, when I was six, Betsy Thornton came to play. Her mother was a very good friend of my mother’s and Betsy came often to see me. I liked her a lot. Nanny helped us set up a tea party with our dolls on the west lawn near the rhododendron bushes. It was a beautiful early summer afternoon. Betsy and I played there for a while when we heard Eddy’s voice in the bushes. He was calling to me.

I asked him how he got in, and he told me to come into the bushes, and he would show me how to do it. Betsy and I got up and went into the huge bushes. Some draped over the fence, and Eddy had climbed over into our yard.

We were completely concealed inside there. It was like being in a natural cave. He and Betsy and I sat on the branches and talked a long time.

Suddenly Eddy said he had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t know how to tell him he could not come in, but fortunately he didn’t ask me.

“I’ll show you what to do”, he said. “You can’t always have a bathroom near you, you know. Watch me, and you can do the same thing.” Eddy proceeded to unzip his pants and begin to urinate against a branch.

“Girls can’t do that,” said Betsy. “We wouldn’t be allowed to do that,” I echoed. Eddy was insistent that we could, that his sisters knew, and that he would teach us. Eddy was a year younger, so Betsy and I simply tolerated him, although I did feel he was a bit difficult for me to manage.

I will always remember his deep scratchy voice – even for a little boy. He told us to take off our underwear and put it on a branch, and then we could squat more easily. We didn’t want to, so he said we could pull them down and pull them forward as far as possible, so we wouldn’t wet them. He said another important thing was not to pee on our shoes – he said it took practice.

He was still holding his little penis while he was talking to us, tucking it back in and zipping up when his directions had been given. He told us that you had to be careful not to ‘after drip’ on your underwear.

We were fascinated. “Go ahead and try it,” he encouraged, so we looked at each other and thought about doing it. We each had our skirts up and were about to pull down our panties when Nanny appeared in the bushes.

“Oh, there you are. I was wondering where…what is going on here? What are you young ladies doing? How did Eddy get into your game?”

Very skilfully and politely, Nanny explained to Eddy that he would have to go home now, for we had to go in to our mothers. He never caught on that he was being sent away. Nanny led him to the front gate and let him out.

We had returned to our tea set up, and Nanny came back to us. “You two please clean all of this up and come into the house – I am going to talk with your mothers.” I begged nanny not to tell, explaining the training that Eddy was trying to give us.

Nanny was appalled. “Young ladies do not go to the bathroom outdoors when there is a bathroom available! Ladies never undress before young men! A gentleman never displays himself before ladies, and ladies never look, should it happen!”

With that, Nanny turned on her heel and whisked into the house. There we were on the west lawn, alone. We looked at each other in horror, for Betsy knew she was in as much trouble as I was. Her nanny was not here today with her, for her mother had brought her with her driver, but my nanny was angry enough for two of them.

We brought all of the dolls and tea things inside and put them away. Nanny met us in the front hall. “Your mothers want to see you in the solarium,” she said, and briskly went up the stairs. Betsy and I tentatively went to the door.

“Well come in, you two,” said my mother. “Betsy! I can’t believe this has happened!” said her mother. “Whatever shall we do?” My mother turned to Mrs Thornton and told her that she knew what she was going to do – I was going to have a spanking for such unladylike behaviour.

Betsy’s mother seemed uncomfortable and mentioned leaving, so my mother said she completely understood. Mrs Thornton told Betsy that she was going to receive a spanking at home as well, and Betsy started to cry. “Who, Mama? You? Papa? Mrs Bartol (her nanny)?” Her mother just ushered her ahead of her and on out the door, after giving my mother a kiss goodbye.

Once they were gone, mother turned to me. “I want to hear this all from you, now, young lady. I have heard it from Nanny.”

I proceeded to give a full account of what happened, starting with the tea party. I was convinced that my loving mother would understand. Instead, she gave me the same lecture Nanny had about undressing before gentlemen or seeing them exposed.

“Gigi, I have to spank you hard, for you have to remember this one. It is a safety thing, sweetheart. You could get into terrible danger doing things like this. I know you don’t understand. You simply have to obey until you are older.

“Right now, you know that Eddy was not to be there, and you let him. You also started to go to the bathroom outside, which you know is not all right. You involved a guest, which is inexcusable. This will be a very hard spanking.”

I started to cry. Mother was calm – too calm. It was scary. She sat in a chair near a leather-topped desk and called me to her. Standing me in front of her, she asked me to repeat why I was being spanked. I recited the list.

She nodded approval of my understanding and reached for my arm. She pulled me over her lap and, opening the desk drawer, took out a large ruler, which she placed upon the desk top. She raised up my skirt and slowly and carefully pulled down my panties until they were about at my knees.

“Do not reach back, Gigi, because I will slap your hand with the ruler if you do – do you understand?” I must have nodded. The spanking began in a fury. That ruler pounded all of my buttocks and upper thighs.

“You will never (spank) watch Eddy or any other boy (spank) who is going to the bathroom in front of you (spank) unless it is Jeff, who is your brother (spank)!”

The lecture continued – as did the spanks. I missed much of the lecture part for all my crying. I kicked my feet, and Mother brought the ruler down on the calves of my bare legs to bring a stop to that.

My arms were waving and I was begging her to stop. Finally she did, pulling up my panties and standing me up in front of her.

I was really angry at Eddy, whom I blamed for all of this. Here he had peed in our bushes and I got whipped for it. Where was that fair? I told Mother that it wasn’t fair, and she looked distraught. “I didn’t spank you for what Eddy did! I spanked you for starting to do it yourself! Do you need another spanking to understand that?” I shook my head and rubbed my sore bottom.

I was sent to the nursery to go to my bed until dinner. I went up the stairs, rubbing my bottom and crying. Suzanne met me on the staircase. She was on her way to help cook serve the dinner but she paused to bend down and hug me.

“Did you get a spanking, love?” I nodded. “Seems you did from your tears and the rubbing I see. Are you heading for the nursery now?” I nodded. “I’ll see you at dinner.” I nodded and we continued on our separate ways. I always loved Suzanne.

Nanny greeted me. I backed past her to get to my room, for I knew she wanted to get a hold of my bottom in the worst way. As I opened my bedroom door, she caught up with me and briefly held me to plant several spanks on my bottom.

I hardly felt them because they were over my clothing and very light. I think it just made her feel better to know that she had been a part of my correction – for, after all, she was the one who had caught us.

Contributor: Gigi

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