Do you want a smacked bum?

Many years ago, much to the annoyance of my mother, I used to run upstairs to my bedroom most evenings after school to change into my football kit. I usually ignored her warning of ‘do you want a smacked bum?’ as she rarely put me over her knee when I was being naughty. However, one memorable evening, when I was eight, my Aunty Janet literally took matters into her own hands.

Without asking Mum first, I ran straight upstairs to my room after school and was surprised to see my aunt sitting on the edge of my bed. I do remember having a really cheeky smirk on my face as she, like mum had many times before, asked me as she left: ‘Do you want a smacked bum?”

Shortly afterwards and without any warning, Aunty Janet returned just as I was fully undressed. On reflection, her timing was perfect, as she was now able to give me a very traditional naughty boy’s smacking over her knee.

Although it was a long time ago, I still remember my aunty smacking my bum very hard for what seemed a long time. Also, I haven’t forgotten her really telling me off as I stood in front of her with my sore bottom.

Never again did I change into my football kit without asking first – but it was not the last time that my Aunty Janet put me over her knee!

Contributor: Jody

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