A slip of the tongue

I was enrolled in a small private day school in New England in the 40s, when physical discipline was fairly common, or at least acceptable.

In my class there was a lively bunch that particular year and the teacher – a middle-aged women who always wore the same pink dress to school – presided over us all.

She had quite a temper, and when she had taken all she could, she would scream at us, gesturing at the coat room, and threaten to ‘put her hat and coat on and just leave right now for good!’

One day – and I don’t know how I did this – I was writing something when she began her tirade at some other children. To my misfortune, she was taking a breath when I said softly: “Well, go ahead.”

Yikes! How could I have done that? Could that have been my voice? In two seconds she was there, right beside my desk. “What did you say?” “Nothing…” “I think you did.”

I shook my head but she was of no mind to argue. She picked me up and carried me to the front of the class, where her chair for reading groups was located. She sat down, reached for a ruler, put it on the reading table and put me over her lap.

In a split second my plaid skirt was up to my head and my panties down to my knees. The ruler came down on me again and again. Oh, how that stung! I had never been spanked with anything other than a parental hand before and I could not believe how bad this was.

The teacher lectured and lectured with every stroke, and there was a deadly silence from the rest of the class. When she was finished, she stood up and tucked me under her arm, so that my bare bottom was facing the class. She showed them the stripes made by the ruler on my skin, and told them that this was to be the new plan in here.

I was sobbing my head off. The humiliation was so bad that I didn’t know what was worse – the spanking or the exposure. Before I went home, my mother was called. She came to pick me up and, in front of the principal, she gave me another bare bottom spanking. She put me over her knee with the first grade teacher and principal there, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and spanked me soundly.

I thought I would die. The pain of the spanking wasn’t as bad as the ruler had been but I loved the principal and I had never been in trouble before. I was really humiliated now. That was the last time I said anything casually in school.

Contributor: Gigi

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