Counting the cost

When I was nine years old, my mother took me and my younger brother and sister to a department store where my grandmother worked. We needed school clothes and my grandma was able to help clothe us and provide my mom with a much-needed discount.

Naturally, us kids quickly got extremely bored with the process and started running and hiding in clothes racks and dressing rooms throughout the department store. We were causing quite a ruckus, with mom trying to shop and look for us all at the same time. By the time she went to the cash register to pay, we had gotten quite whiney.

As we stood in line, there were two other moms (without their kids) in front of us, talking to my mother and looking at the commotion we were causing, registering disapproval.

Finally, one of them had obviously had enough of watching my mom struggle with the three of us. She bent down, looked me dead in the eyes and said: “Young man, if I were your mother, I’d take your pants down and spank your bare bottom when we got home! You are out of control – how dare you act like this for your mother?”

I remember freezing, and the lady stood back up, glaring at me with her arms folded. My mom tried apologising for us but the lady replied: “No, don’t you apologise. He needs his bare butt spanked real good!”

My mom must have felt validated. She looked at me and said: “You know what – that’s a real good idea.”

They proceeded to have a ‘mom talk’ about how they have to keep kids in line sometimes and they’re never too old to be taken over the knee. My sister and brother were too young and screwing around still to know what was even happening. But I knew.

I calmed down immediately and so my sister and brother started calming down. I knew I only had minutes left to save my butt by improving my behaviour immediately – but it was to no avail.

On the ride home, my mom started scolding us – most of it directed at me, since I was the oldest. She kept threatening on the way home how she was going to give me a good old-fashioned spanking for the way I had been acting. This meant something different every time – sometimes I got spanked with my pants still on, sometimes on briefs, and sometimes they all came down and I got spanked over her knee on my bare bottom.

That lady at the store had given Mom the idea that I deserved the worst for being the ringleader. It was so embarrassing, because a lady who didn’t even know me got me spanked.

My mom took my sister and brother to their rooms for a nap, and as soon as they were tucked in, she took me to the living room and started scolding me again. I remember the line: “If you want to act like a spoiled little brat, I’m going to spank you like a spoiled little brat.”

Mom yanked my pants and briefs down quickly and turned me over her knee. She spanked my bare bottom while scolding me, as she always did until I was crying. It was probably 50 swats or so to my bare butt.

I knew I was wrong, and I knew I deserved what I got. When mom was done, she also sent me to bed for my nap.

Contributor: Dan

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