Heather’s sympathy

I grew up in Canada in an Irish Catholic family with two sisters, one a year older and one a year younger. My father was a police officer and mother a stay at home mom.

My parents were very strict and definitely spanked for serious infractions. We were all spanked and usually by Dad, although Mom had no problem in putting us over her knee either.

Spankings were typically done in our bedroom, where we had to wait for the parent administering the punishment. They would eventually come into the room, lecture us then sit on the bed. We would have to take our pants down and go over their knee for a bare bottom spanking with the hand. Our parents never used anything but their hands but they could spank long and hard!

The last spanking I got was when I was 14. I got caught with two other boys smoking at school and was suspended. My mother came to the school to pick me up and told me to wait in my room till my father got home, as she wanted to discuss the situation with him. I had not been spanked in over a year, so I wasn’t sure what would happen – maybe I would just be grounded?

Also on this particular day, my older sister Liz and her best friend Heather had to work on a school project and were they doing it together after school at our house. Since I was in my room I didn’t see them or really realise they were there.

My father got home from his shift at about five o’clock and both he and my mother came into my room to ‘discuss’ the situation. My mother started lecturing me about how disappointed she was blah blah, and during that lecture I rolled my eyes at her and said something like ‘whatever’.

To this day, I can still remember my mother’s response. She said: “Young man, you have been developing an attitude and today you are going to get an attitude adjustment!”

She yanked me up from the bed, sat down on it, yanked down my shorts and underwear and gave me the hardest spanking of my life. I tried to take it like a man but ended up crying like a little boy. I was told to stay in my room for the rest of the evening.

Although our spankings were almost always given in private, we children always knew when one had been administered and felt sorry for the spanked one.

The day after my spanking from Mom, Liz came into my room to say she was sorry about what happened and to ask me how I was doing. It was then that she told me that Heather had been over and they heard my spanking.

I was really embarrassed but Liz said not to worry – Heather wasn’t going to say anything as she had just been spanked six months ago for shoplifting. By the way, this was in the late 70s, where spankings were still quite common for children.

Some years later, when I was 17 and Heather was just going on 18, we became boyfriend and girlfriend. One day after school, when were were alone in a nearby park, Heather brought up the day she was there for my spanking. I was really embarrassed but she seemed to sense that, and proceeded to describe in detail her last spanking six months previous to mine. It was almost the same – in her room, over her father’s knee and bare bottom.

Heather told me that when she heard me getting my spanking, she felt so sorry for me that she wanted to comfort me. At that point, she held my hand and we kissed. To this day, I love to share spanking memories with others.

Contributor: Jay

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