Obeying the sitter

This incident happened when I was nine years old. My mom had hired a sitter for me for two weeks – our nanny was on vacation. Anyway, the sitter came to watch me and my sister for a few days.

I was making life hard for the sitter – everything she told me to do, I just ignored her. I would not eat my dinner as she told me to. My sitter was setting the table and I took the salt shaker and loosened the top. Another time, I was eating a piece of candy and she told me to spit it out. I told her: “No! You can’t make me!”

Anyway, we were sitting at the dinner table when the sitter grabbed the shaker and the lid flew off as she was putting it on her food. She was really angry with me.

At that moment my mom walked in the door from work and she could hear the sitter yelling at me. My sitter told mom everything I did.

Mom came over, took me out of the chair and told me I was getting a spanking and the sitter was to watch.

Mom made me stand in front of her, she lectured to me and also made me apologise to the sitter. I did not obey mom’s demand.

Mom’s hands went up my dress, grabbed my panties and down they came.

Mom said: “Since you will not apologise, you will get it harder.” She also told me I would be grounded for the weekend.

With that, my mom told my sitter to sit and watch. The sitter watched mom put me over her knee, pulled my dress up and revealed my bare bottom.

The spanking started. I cried and screamed and yelled at mom to stop and kept saying I was sorry. My mom really worked on my bottom – then I had to stand in the corner for about 30 minutes.

Afterwards, my mom told the sitter that she had permission to spank me if I did not obey. My sitter’s face was full of relief.

I did get another spanking from the sitter the next day – she spanked just as hard. She had told me to take a bath and I refused. So she bared my bottom and spanked me with her hand. Later, she told my mom that I had been spanked because I would not take a bath.

Mom came in my room and asked me why I had not done as I was told. I could not give her a reason, so she put me over her knee for another spanking. Afterwards, she told me that if I did not obey, not only would the sitter spank me, I would get it again from her.

Mom was very firm on this issue, and I had several subsequent trips over both my sitter’s and mom’s knees.

Contributor: Therese

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