Spankings at home

My siblings and I were spanked frequently as children. We were usually sent to our parents’ bedroom to await our punishment while Mama went out to cut a fresh switch.

Once she entered the bedroom with the switch, there was a brief discussion to make sure we knew why we were being spanked.

Then we were instructed to take the position, face down across the bed, lying on top of our hands. Pants and panties were pulled down to our knees before our bottoms and thighs were thoroughly striped by the switch as we twisted in futile attempt to escape the next lash.

As older children, ages 10 and up, our dad administered most of the punishment in the same way. However, his chosen instrument was his belt.

Usually, punishment by him took place in the evening before bed and we were instructed to shower and put on pyjamas before the event.

Sometimes we were spanked in our own beds. Dad would wait until we were in bed, then enter the room, pull the covers down and order us to turn over. We were required to draw our knees up to elevate the buttocks to receive his belt.

Contributor: Kathryn

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