The vase

One night, when I was 16, my aunt (she wasn’t really an aunt, but we called her Aunt Debbie) stayed with my sister and I. We were misbehaving as usual and broke my aunt’s newly purchased expensive vase.

Aunt Debbie was beyond mad. She told my sister to get the paddle that mother used. My mother spanked both of us when it was needed.

Aunt Debbie told both of us to take off all our clothes, we then had to bend over the arm of the sofa, while the other watched. She calmly sat down next to the sofa and started to spank me.

She started at the full part of my behind and worked her way down to my thighs and back up the other side.

After at least 100 licks, it was my sister’s turn. She was two years older and I remember watching her bottom turn red. We both had to stand in the corner for 30 minutes and I would look at her cute red behind when I could.

I will always remember this and my sister and I have talked about it several times. We even looked at each others’ bottoms that night to see how red they were.

Contributor: Justin

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