Aunt Betty spanks

When I was eight years old, I spent two nights at the house of my Betty, my favourite aunt. Aunt Betty didn’t have any children of her own – that was perhaps why she always made me feel like a little prince when I was under her roof. There were pancakes or omelettes at breakfast, trips to the zoo or the cinema, and I was allowed to stay up one hour later than at home.

As the years went by, I was also given more freedom to explore the city where Aunt Betty lived. It had many more candy and toy shops than my small home town, and I saved up my allowance money to spend there.

One time, I guess I got too greedy. Having already spent all my money, I felt drawn into a candy store. On entering, I told myself that I just wanted to check what was on offer. However, once in front of the marshmallows, I figured that nobody would suffer if I just took three of them and put them into my coat pockets.

Well, it turned out I was wrong. Just before leaving the shop, I was apprehended by the manager and taken into a back office. The marshmallows were quickly retrieved from my coat and put on a table in front of me.

I argued that they weren’t worth much and anyway, I would be willing to pay for them – but that did not make any difference at all to the manager. He told me I had violated a principle, which was much more important, and if I didn’t see that, it was high time someone made me see it.

So after a difficult 15 minutes, during which my personal details were taken down, the manager called Aunt Betty. I still remember her face flushed red with embarrassment when she arrived. She declared to the manager that she had never expected her nephew would do something like that, and she would ensure it never happened again.

After that, I was allowed to leave the store with Aunt Betty, who remained silent during the walk home. I realised that I had disappointed her very much, but since she was my favourite aunt, I still thought she might go easy on me.

However, as soon as we had stepped back into her house, the silence was broken and Aunt Betty showed a mood I had never seen from her before.

After a very serious lecture, I heard her say that she was not going to send me back home – she would take this matter in her own hands.

Then, I got an experience that up until then, I had only heard about. I was taken upstairs to the guest room, Aunt Betty took a seat on the bed and then my underpants were lowered for an unforgettable spanking from her very hard hand. I never stole again.

Contributor: Emiel

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