Saturday morning

My brother and I had a typical sibling relationship growing up – in other words, we often fought like cat and dog. Although I was two years younger than my brother, I must say usually I was the tormentor and he was the tormentee. After all, he wasn’t allowed to hit me because he was older!

One day, he was going up the stairs to his bedroom. He was wearing his bathrobe. I couldn’t resist tiptoeing up behind him and taking the ends of his bathrobe as he went up and giving a little tug. I just wanted to scare him a bit.

Just my luck that because he was a klutz, instead of just being startled, he rolled backward, head over heels, down the stairs! And worse luck yet, my Mom happened to be at the top of the stairs as he went, so there was no mistaking what happened!

When I saw the look in her eye, not to mention as she came charging after me, I knew it was time to run for my life. I ran into the kitchen and climbed straight up my father, on to his big strong shoulders, saying: “Save me! Save me!”

After checking on my brother, Mom came running in hot pursuit, saying to Dad: “Hand her over to me – now! She just threw her brother down the stairs!”

I knew Dad felt bad having to hand me over to Mom, angry as she was. But knowing my mother, he also figured he had no choice. Slowly he took me down off his shoulders, with me crying for all I was worth: “No, please, no, don’t!”

Again, I went running for my life, heading up the stairs to my room, with my Mom chasing me. She caught up with me there, threw me on the bed, and my corduroys and panties were down in a jiffy!

I tried in vain to dodge the sharp smacks that kept landing on my bottom. I was in shock that what had started as a simple prank had turned into such a disaster. I think my Mom spanked me until she was just too tired to give another spank!

My brother, by the way, was fine – and took great delight in seeing me get my bottom reddened – a very rare occurrence in our household!

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