Staying with Aunt Joyce

About two weeks after my 17th birthday, I went to visit with my Aunt Joyce in Alabama. I was to stay with her for one month and she was instructed to handle all discipline in any way she saw fit.

I had just been there about three hours and I wanted to run to the mall. Aunt Joyce said: “OK, but be home before supper at 6.30.” “No problem,” I replied.

Needless to say, I got carried away and forgot to keep looking at my watch. I finally checked the time at 7.55 and realised that I was very late, and rushed back to her house.

Aunt Joyce was waiting for me in the living room and was very angry. She asked me: “Who do you think you are, young man? I think it is time someone taught you respect. Go to your room and wait for your punishment!”

I waited there for what seemed an eternity. Aunt Joyce finally came in and told me: “I am going to paddle your butt, then I’m going to bend you over my knee for a good old-fashioned bare butt spanking!”

By the time she finished the paddling I had received 25 licks. She then started undoing my pants and pulling my underwear down. Pulling me over her knee, she told me: “You’ve had this coming a long time, young man.” After 25 more, I began to like being spanked by Aunt Joyce and took the remaining 50 licks.

The next day I confessed that I liked being spanked by her and asked if she would give me my birthday spankings. She smiled and said she always liked spanking her boyfriends and dates and that she would like to give me my birthday spankings, plus she would like to paddle and spank me every time she or I thought I needed or wanted one.

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