Listening to Becky

This event happened when I was about four. I was being watched by Becky – she was an average size woman in her mid 20s.

On this particular occasion, I had been a terror all day. It started early on when I destroyed one of Becky’s books. I had torn it apart bad and she was mad. She scolded me and cleaned up the mess. A bit later, I tried to stick my finger in an electrical outlet – she saw that, swatted my hand and explained to me how dangerous electricity is.

While playing outside, I ran into the street. Becky yelled for me to stop but I continued. She then ran and scooped me up, and said it was time for me to sit in the corner. She proceeded to lecture me about cars, and how I could be hurt in the street.

After she put me in the corner, I refused to stay there and just got up and started playing again. Later, while eating, I was about to dump my food on the floor when she saw what I was doing and said: “Don’t you dare spill your food – it is for eating!” I proceeded to dump my food all over the floor anyway. Becky got angry and told me that if I didn’t shape up, I was going to get a spanking. I didn’t think much of that threat, because I had gotten away with just about anything up until now. However, soon my luck would change.

A bit later, I was colouring in my colouring book and decided that the white wall would be a good place to draw a picture. A few seconds after I started my there, Becky came into the room and said: “No! You don’t crayon on the wall!” I continued, so she grabbed the crayon out of my hand. “I said, the wall is not for colouring! If you touch this wall once more with a crayon, you will get a spanking – now you will clean this up.”

With that she went to get some cleaning supplies. But I had my drawing half-finished. I just had to finish it – so that’s what I decided to do. When Becky came back into the room, she saw me colouring again. “That’s it, young man – you are going to get a good spanking.”

With that, Becky grabbed me by the arm and led me into the dining room. She kept a firm hold on me while she pulled out a chair and sat down. She started to lecture me. “You have repeatedly disobeyed me all day. I told you not to colour on the wall – now you are going to get a spanking on your bottom.”

She proceeded to take down my pants and underpants, then she thrust me over her knee and said: “You need to learn some discipline. I told you not to crayon on that wall. When I say no, I mean no.”

She then gave me a series of hard spanks. I yelled and tried to get off her lap but she held me down. “You don’t crayon on the wall!” Spank by spank, she continued to punish me. I was now crying loudly but she continued to spank me hard. I could tell that she wanted to teach me a lesson this time, as she continued to lecture and spank my bare bottom.

After what must have been about five minutes, the spanking ended and now I was crying uncontrollably. Becky stood me up and said she was sorry she had to do that, but I needed to listen better. She told me to go to my room and think about what I had done. With that, she pulled up my underpants and pants and sent me on my way.

I never again touched the wall with a crayon.

Contributor: Rick

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