The belt and an enema

Mom was rather strict. She was a firm believer in ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. Her chosen instrument of punishment was the belt – it was kept hanging on the back of her bathroom door, a silent threat for all to see.

I remember one time, at age 14 or so, I had been caught skipping school and knew that the belt was forthcoming. I was sent to the bathroom and told to strip off all my clothes. I pleaded and begged but it had no effect whatsoever. Mom would make me wait 20 to 30 minutes. I sat on the closed toilet seat, dreading what was coming next.

“Come out here and bring the belt with you,” Mom ordered. I complied, cringing, Two pillows were on the middle of the bed and I lay on them with my bottom in the air. Mom grasped my ankles and gave me about 25 or 30 licks with the belt. I howled and begged for mercy, to no avail; in fact, it seemed to me the belt just came down harder. I struggled and squirmed around, trying to get my bottom out of the way of that stinging length of leather.

By the time she had stopped, I was crying real tears of pain and humiliation. And to add to my shame, I had a huge erection – all that squirming around had caused me to become hard, in spite of the spanking I just got.

Mom went into the bathroom. I soon heard water running and I realised I was to now have an enema. “Mom, please. I’ll be good, please don’t do it,” I begged. It was a terrifying and intimidating sight to see mom come out of the bathroom with that bulging red bag, with its menacing hose and tube. There was no doubt as to the purpose of the equipment.

Mom told me to co-operate or I would be getting some more of the belt. She had me lie flat on my back and pull my knees up into my chest. The tube was inserted and and I lay as ordered with my knees apart and my feet flat on the bed. I was given the full 2 quarts without a break or a rest.

Once the bag was empty, I stood up and mom put her hand on my bottom to keep the tube in place. I was marched down the hall to the bathroom, where the tube was removed and I ran to the toilet to expel the enema. I never skipped school after that, I’ll tell you.

Contributor: Simon

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