Late again

Several summers ago. my siblings and I were at our subdivision pool, swimming. At the time, we were aged 10 to 14.

Mom had told us to be home no later than 4pm, but we were playing with a bunch of our friends and lost track of time.  At 4:45, Mom showed up at the pool and and by the look on her face, we knew we were in trouble.  This was the third time that summer we had missed curfew from the pool, and Mom had promised us all a paddling if we were late again.

She ordered all four of us out of the pool immediately. We all tried explaining but she was having none of it. She told us: “You’d best get moving because when we get home, you all will be getting a spanking.”

The pool was a short walk away from our house. Once we got home, Mom ordered us all to our rooms. We were told to take our wet bathing suits off, but not to get dressed.

Mom went into my sisters’ bedroom first. My brother and I could hear her lecturing, then we heard the paddle begin spanking my sisters. We could hear our sisters screaming and crying, and finally Mom told them both to go stand in the corner and not to move.

We heard her close their door, knowing we would be next were next. Sure enough, Mom entered our room and gave us the same lecture she had given our sisters, then my brother went over Mom’s knee, followed by me. Just like our sisters, we both screamed and cried while Mom paddled our bare bottoms. We were also made to stand in the corner.

After 30 minutes of corner time, Mom told all four of us to get dressed and come down to dinner. Dad was sitting at the table when we all came in. He told us that since this was the third time we had been late coming home from the pool, we would all be getting a bedtime spanking as well.

Dinner was a very quiet affair and afterwards we were made to do the dishes, then sent back to our bedrooms for the rest of the day. Around 7.30 that evening, Dad came in and told my brother and I to get our pyjamas on and come down to the living room. He then went and told my sisters the same.

Once all four of us were in the living room, Dad lectured us some more and said we were not allowed to go swimming for a week. One by one, he took his children over his knee and hand-spanked us on the seat of our pyjama bottoms. All four of us cried as Dad spanked hard, and we were then sent to bed.

I know my brother and I cried ourselves to sleep, and I’m sure my sisters did too. We were never late getting home from the pool again that summer.

Contributor: Ted

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