Spoon fed

This happened quite a few years ago, probably 20. My mom and I lived with her sister and her kids after my mom was divorced, which left a house full of kids, and plenty of trouble to get into.

My cousin, who is just a few months older and I, decided one day the fish in the aquarium looked awfully hungry, but not just for fish food. We decided they needed everything we could get our hands on, including cereal, lettuce, assorted lunch meats, etc.

We were quite proud of ourselves until her mother came in the door. Boy, were we sorry when we realised the trouble we were in!

I don’t quite remember all the details of the spanking that followed, but I can tell you it included a wooden spoon to both of our bare little bottoms for a lengthy session.

My cousin and I got into some more trouble along the way, but nothing as bad as the day we fed the fish.

Looking back, it was well-deserved from an aunt whom I love and respect. And, the fish seemed to enjoy their snack as well!

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