The shame of it

As children, my sister and I were spanked regularly if we misbehaved. One warning – after that we got the paddle or switch, whichever was handy. After that, we had to stand in the corner bare bottomed for 20 to 30 minutes. Mom believed in making the punishment fit the crime.

One day, my sister took and hid one of my favourite comic books. I waited till she left for a few minutes and went searching. I did not know that she had put my comic in the den, where I had been told not to leave it.

So I went into her room to search under her bed…everywhere. I started going through her drawers and when she returned, her panties and skirts were all over the place. Her dolls were also in a mass on the floor. Naturally, she ran to tell mom.

So mom returned to find Julie’s room in shambles. She said I would get a good tanning (and that wasn’t all) for embarrassing Julie in front of her playmate – I too would be embarrassed.

She collected a pair of panties, a skirt and a top, took me to my room and ordered me to undress and change into my sister’s clothes. I pleaded with her not to make me do so, but she was determined and when I was done, I had to put on stockings too. Then mom ordered me to go into the yard and cut her a switch, just as I was. I turned redder than an apple and had to be pushed out of the door. I went to the willow tree, hoping the neighbours would not see, and got a satisfactory switch.

When I came back, mom had gathered Julie and her playmate. She took a chair, put it in the centre of the room and ordered me to bend over it. She pulled down the panties I was wearing and told the girls everyone would take a turn in whipping me. Mom started, with 30 licks on each cheek, then Julie, then her friend, then mom again.

Instead of standing in the corner bare-bottomed, I was made to stand there in my sister’s panties, skirt and top. I was embarrassed, to say the least, and never went in my sister’s room again.

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