The yo-yo

My cousin Peter and I were staying for two weeks one summer with grandma. My aunt and uncle and my parents were going on a trip and it was in our best interests to stay with grandma. Her place was out in the country, with lots of trees and a small lake. It was a great place for two boys to play and frolic. 

Before our parents left, they said: “You’d better behave, because grandma knows how make you mind if you’re naughty.” Two 10-year-old boys just shrugged our shoulders and laughed.

Several days later, after supper, we were inquiring and asking grandma questions, saying how would you make us mind? 

Grandma looked at us and said to me: “Billy, didn’t your father ever tell you what ever happen to him when he was nine years old?” “No,” I said. “Haven’t you ever been spanked?” “Yes, I guess.” “Over the knee and bare bottom?” “No, he has never done that to me.”

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