Weight for it

This story happened when i was four years old, barely in pre-school. My mom fell pregnant with me two weeks after she had graduated from high school.

While in high, she had a babysitter by the name of Myra. She was babysat by Myra until she was 16. They always kept in touch after she stopped being babysat.

When I was born, my mom and dad got married to be sure I would have a good life. Until I turned two, my mom always took care of me. However, then my dad decided to let her go to college and get the education she had missed out on through pregnancy.

Dad was something of a big shot at work – he had a good job, since he was already 35, and had been there for about 12 years. Since my mom would be at school all morning and my dad worked late hours, my parents hired a babysitter for me. This was none other than Myra.

Myra babysat me for a year until she had to go into hospital. She became obese. She was about 5ft 9in and about 190lb when I first met her. Then she started becoming fatter, and by the time she was in hospital, she was about 250lb.

We got a new babysitter, and that looked after me for about 10 months. Then my mom told me I would be getting Myra back as a babysitter – I was so happy about that. My mom said Myra lived only one block away now – she told me to go upstairs and get dressed, because Myra would be arriving soon.

Now, I hadn’t seen Myra in about one year so I kind of forgot what she looked like. While I was getting dressed, I heard my mom leave and someone else come in. It was Myra. I ran downstairs in my underwear (and nothing) else to see her. When I got down the stairs, boy was i shocked at what I saw. The first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘you are fat!’

Her jaw dropped, she grabbed my arm very hard and pulled me off the steps. She said: “I haven’t seen you in a year and this is how you say hello? Well, you know something? I have changed in more than one way.” I began thinking what she was trying to tell me. Then she said: “I never spanked or even disciplined you but that’s going to change right now!” I had never been spanked and I doubt if I even knew what a spanking was back then.

Myra told to pull off my underwear and go in the corner. I began to cry because I was never naked in front of her. She then got tired of waiting, bent me over and started spanking me over my underwear, then pulled my briefs off and put me in the corner. I heard the door open then shut. I didn’t turn around – I was too scared.

About an hour later , she returned. She grabbed my arm took me into the dining room. She pulled out a chair and sat down on it. With that I was over her lap. In her bag I saw a paddle, a slipper and a hairbrush. I didn’t know what they were for so, I didn’t care. Then I was being spanked by her hand. Smack, smack, smack! Over and over again, on my little four-year-old butt. Myra’s hand covered my whole backside. She spanked me with her hand about 30 times.

She stopped, told me to stop crying, and then she pulled out the paddle. Smack, smack, smack! Just like with her hand. I counted 20 spanks. She again told me to stop crying and pulled out the hairbrush. She trashed my butt badly with the brush. She spanked 32 times with the brush. Finally, she took up the slipper, and I got hit at least 40 times with it.

Finally, Myra let me up and put me in the corner for an hour. Afterwards, she came and took me out of the corner and I was back over her knee. I thought it was for another spanking but it wasn’t. She just rubbed my butt with ice. I didn’t call anyone fat after that lesson!

Contributor: Eliot

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