Aunty Margaret

When I was about 10, I was being looked after by my Aunty Margaret while my parents were on holiday.

One day, one of my friends suggested we play truant from school. We did this and were not caught. Emboldened by our success, we did the same thing two days later. This time, we were not so lucky. Turning a corner the first person we met was my aunt, out shopping.

When she got me home, I was sent into the bedroom and told to wait for her. After an eternity (of about 10 minutes) she came into the bedroom, holding a leather strap, and sat down on a chair. I had to stand in front of her while she scolded me and then my trousers and underpants were unceremoniously lowered and she pulled me across her knee.

I got about 12 strokes of the strap on each bottom cheek and by the end I was a very sorry boy, and a very tearful boy. I remember thinking the spanking would never end as I sobbed over my aunty’s knee.

I have to say, though, I never played truant again, so it must have had the required salutary effect.

Contributor: Johnny

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