Seeing Scott’s mom

When I was nine years old, I had a friend named Scott. He and I would often play at his house – in fact, we did pretty much everything together.

However, after a couple of months we started to get bored with the usual things we got up to. In such circumstances, Scott usually would take the lead but this time, I had an idea.

My idea was to annoy Scott’s mother so much that she would have to spank us. Normally, we would never want a spanking but the trick was to be that right before the spanking, we would stuff our jeans with napkins.

At first, Scott said: “Are you crazy?” I said: “Wait – with the napkins it might sting a little bit, but it won’t hurt, I promise.” I told Scott it would be a great rush.

Scott’s mom was a large woman, about 6ft tall and about 220 pounds. She was scary at times but she was also nice, and I liked her.

To get our spanking., we decided to get caught watching his mom undressing. This happened one evening when I was spending the night. We went up to Scott’s mom’s room and got under the bed. Finally, she came up and started to undress. She took her shirt off. We both were very nervous and excited.

Everything was going great until Scott accidentally kicked me. That made the bed move enough to make a noise. Scott’s mom looked under the bed and found us. “What are you doing?” she demanded. I said nothing. “Both of you get downstairs – now – and wait for me!”

We went downstairs to wait. Scott was nervous but I was not. Everything was going to plan – until Scott remembered he’d forgotten to stuff his pants. He started to cry. As he was crying, his mom was coming down the stairs. “All this is my fault,” I told Scott. I said I would take the blame and tell his mom everything.

When his mom came into the room, the first thing she said was: “Are you boys ready for a spanking?”

Very quickly, I explained that everything was my fault and I pressured Scott into the idea. Scott’s mom said: “I need to call your parents.” I said: “Please don’t do that.” “Why not? They need to know about this situation.” I replied: “I will make you a deal – if you don’t tell my parents, I will let you spank me over your knee.”

Finally, Scott’s mom said: “OK”. She told Scott go to his room, adding that they would have a talk later. Then she went over to the couch and said: “Come here.”

I went over to her right knee. She asked if I was ready a major spanking. I bent over her knees. She gave me a couple of loving pats on my rear.

Before she could begin, I stood up and pulled my jeans and then my underpants down, then got back over her knee. She asked me why I had done that, and I replied that I deserved a bare bottom spanking. She told me she was proud of me.

Then she began to spank my bottom. The first couple of spanks stung but by the ninth, I couldn’t take any more. I began to cry more and more.

By the 20th spank, my white bare bottom had turned apple red and I was squirming and crying heavily. She stopped at 30 spanks. I stood up and pulled my pants back up. I started upstairs, but first thanked her for the spanking. I never tested her again.

Contributor: Odell

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