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While growing up, I was subjected to many spankings. The most memorable was when I was a few days short of my 16th birthday.

Until I was out of high school, my parents always hired a babysitter when they went out. A babysitter was also hired when my parents were entertaining. We were always dressed in our night clothes before the sitter arrived. My brother, the sitter and I were expected to stay in either the toy room or the bedroom when ‘adults only’ parties were going on.

Christine was allowed – in fact, expected – to punish us if the occasion arose; however, she was not allowed to spank.

This particular evening, my mother was entertaining a group of women who graduated from high school with her. I decided I was too old for the sitter. Heck, I was old enough to babysit myself! Christine was only 18 months older than me.

I gave Christine an awful time. I did the opposite of everything she wanted. When she put on a television show, I changed the channel. I teased my brother unmercifully. I flatly refused to go to bed at my normal 9pm bedtime.

To be completely honest, I never thought about the consequences. Christine never, ever told on us. The worst she ever did was give corner time, or threatened to tell.

This time I guess I went too far. At 9.30, Christine went into the living room and spoke to Mom.

Mom came into the toy room. I had never seen her look so mad. “Jacqueline, get yourself over here – and I mean now!” I thought I was going to get a good scolding and then be sent to bed. How wrong I was – out of Mom’s pocket came the strap.

She grabbed me, pulled up my nightdress and down came the panties. I was pulled over Mom’s knee and given 40 of the worst swats with the strap that I had ever received. Mom pulled the nightdress over my head and told me I would have to stand naked in the corner for an hour.

About 15 minutes afterwards, I told Christine I had to go to the bathroom. She checked with Mom. Mom came into the toy room and put a Depends diaper on me. I had to wear that diaper to bed.

When I got up – wet, of course – Mom took the diaper off and gave me another strapping for talking in the corner the previous night. I was then stood in the corner for another hour.

Believe me, whenever I had a babysitter after that, I was as good as can be!

Contributor: Jacqueline

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