There was one time that I received a spanking for something I didn’t do. I was 10 at the time. I was in my room, reading, when my mother came in my room to drop off my laundry. I told her that I wished that she had knocked before she came into my room because I could have been naked.

She then told me that she had the right to come into my room whenever she desired. I didn’t agree with this statement, but made no comment. My mother turned around and began to walk out of my room.

Then she turned around and said: “I’m gonna spank you!” I immediately asked: “Why?” I had not done anything wrong! She said that I stuck my tongue out at her – but I truly hadn’t. I pleaded with her not to spank me. I told her that I didn’t stick my tongue out but she insisted I had.

She told me to stand up. Then she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my ankles, followed by my underwear. I had to completely step out of my lower clothing.

With that, my mother pulled me over her lap and began to give me one hell of a spanking. I cried and cried, and begged her to stop – my butt was hurting bad.

Finally, she told me to stand up. I had to stand in the corner in the kitchen for 30 minutes – at least my sister was not at home. After the corner time was up, my mother looked over the damage she had inflicted and sent me to bed.

To this day, she still insists that I stuck my tongue out at her – even though I was innocent.

Contributor: Thomas

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