Eating vitamins

When I was a little girl, my mother took me to the doctors for my annual check-up. At the end of the check-up the doctor gave me some samples of children’s vitamins. When I got home, I began to eat them as if they were candy. My mother got very upset and called the doctor – the doctor told her to give me a glass of milk and everything would be fine.

Well, I was called in front of my mother and she told me that I was to have a glass of milk and to stop eating all the vitamins. After that, I was going to get a spanking for scaring her by eating all those pills.

After finishing my milk, I went into my baby sister’s room and put on a thick Pampers diaper. At the time, I was also wearing a dress with three petticoats. I was called into my mother’s bedroom, where I was told to go over her knee for an old-fashioned spanking.

I did as I was told but as she lifted my dress and petticoats, she saw that I was wearing a diaper. She got very angry and removed it.

Then my punishment began – I got 30 whacks on my bare bottom with her hairbrush. When the spanking was over, I was told that since I liked to wear diapers underneath my dress and petticoats, I would wear one for punishment until my mother thought I learned my lesson.

Contributor: Linda

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