Bared brother

This incident happened when I was about 10 years old and my brother Robbie was eight. We were close in age and always fighting and so forth, but this time my brother was on his own.

I really can’t remember the exact circumstances but for some reason, he had locked himself in the bathroom and my mom wanted him out! Well, after trying to just yell and scream for a few minutes, she started to really get mad.

Finally, I suppose that even Robbie realised that he had better open the door. At this point, I came around the corner to see what was going to happen – but even I was not prepared for what I witnessed next.

My mother was not against spanking and it was done frequently, but this time Robbie went too far and he was in for a little extra! As soon as the bathroom door was reluctantly opened, Mom grabbed him right then and there and pulled down his pyjama bottoms. I was shocked, as this was rarely done. Robbie received a bare bottom spanking right there in the hall.

At one point, my brother tried to cover his behind with his hand but Mom yelled: “Get that hand away, or else!”

I can’t remember how long it lasted but I know that I left just before he was released and allowed to pull his pants back up over that sore bottom! I didn’t want Mom to see me and go for round two!

There was also a time when Robbie and I shared a room with twin beds. We were talking and laughing when we should have been asleep. Mom came wildly into the room and pulled down the sheets to my bed and wailed away on my little panty-clad hiney.

It sure did hurt but it was really strange because she then went to Robbie’s bed, pulled down the sheets and then pulled down his pyjama bottoms, giving him a bare-bottomed spanking. I could not see it happening but I heard her pull down his pants and when the spanking began, I could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh.

When she was done and left, I waited for him to stop crying, then very quietly asked him if he did indeed get it bare. He said yes through his tears and I told him that I did not. It gave me a feeling of superiority at the time, but I have since wondered why she felt the need to bare him and not me.

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