Satisfying Kate

As a young boy, I was raised by my widowed mother, the result of the untimely death of my father. Mom did not spoil me in the least and often spanked me, but always on the seat of my pants.

My mom was a registered nurse and when she had to work an occasional night shift, she had me stay with our next door neighbour Kate, who was also a good friend of my mom’s. Kate was divorced and her children were already grown and had left home.

Kate and I always got along well but one night, when I was about 10 and staying with her, I accidentally spilled some Coke on the new carpet in her den and she was very upset. Although the Coke came out without a stain, Kate indicated that she was going to ask my mom to spank me when she got home. I was nervous the rest of the evening as I was sure mom would oblige.

Kate took me back home later that evening and put me to bed, as my mom had called and indicated that she would be late. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning, having almost forgotten the incident of the night before. But when I entered the kitchen, mom was sitting at the table with a displeased look on her face.

Mom then explained that she and Kate had talked last night and even though she knew it had been an accident, she had to comply with Kate’s request to spank me because she could not take a chance on jeopardising their friendship – Kate never took a cent for watching me and mom was very grateful for this. I was just beginning to reluctantly accept that I was going to get spanked when mom added that Kate had also requested that I be spanked bare.

When I asked why, mom explained that Kate had spanked her own children that way and said it would hurt more. Mom then added that quite frankly, she probably should have been spanking me that way anyway.

Mom took one last sip of her coffee and led me to her bedroom. She picked up the dreaded antique wooden hairbrush from the dresser and then pulled me in front of her as she sat down on the bed. I tried to resist when she first attempted to unbutton my pyjama bottoms, but she slapped my hands and told me that any resistance would just mean more punishment.

I choked back the tears now as mom slid my pyjama bottoms down and then tugged on the elastic waist band of my shorts. I immediately covered up my groin and mom grinned and reminded me that as a nurse, she saw the penises of little boys all the time.

Mom then pulled me across her lap and began spanking me with the hairbrush. The hairbrush hurt a lot more on the bare bottom and I was quickly in more tears. When mom finished, she commented that this was exactly what she should have done a long time ago and that she intended to continue spanking bare bottom in the future.

My ordeal wasn’t over yet. Later that morning, mom made me take a bath. I was in the tub when the door opened and in walked mom with Kate. Mom made me get up and show Kate my still red spanked bottom. Not only did mom continue to spank me bare, but Kate eventually spanked me a couple of times too.

Contributor: Kris

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