The woodshed

When I was about nine years old, I lived on a farm for about six months. This was my aunt’s home. It was a cool farm, with everything that all farmers had – horses, cows, ducks and pigs. But mostly horses.

In the summertime, I was with the other kids in the area. We would all swim in the pond (yes, a very clean pond) or chase frogs and fly kites.

We also had a woodshed that was used for only one thing – spanking bad boys and girls. Inside the woodshed, there was a strap, a paddle – and one chair.

The shed was lit by an oil lantern and was about half a mile from the house. The old house was right next to it but dad took down the old one and built a new house on better land up the hill. This was before I was born. There were still pieces of the old house around, including one from which the paddle was made.

Most of the parents in the area used that woodshed. It was more ‘creepy’ than one’s own room. Well, one day I got the chance to see the woodshed for the first time.

I was watering the horses when my aunt came up to me, very mad about a call she got from my best friend’s mom. I was in big trouble for teaching my best friend a bad word: “Shit.” I told my aunt I had not taught her that word. Well, that was that. Off to the woodshed, led by the ear.

Once we were standing in front of the woodshed I was told to go in. I got inside and my aunt lit the lantern. There was a new item in the woodshed – a padded wooden horse.

My aunt sat in the chair and started to undress me. She took off my pants and shoes. Then my socks and shirt. Then my panties came off, so I was there naked. My aunt told me to get over the horse. So I bent over – I could not touch the ground with my hands or feet.

Then I saw the paddle come off the wall and I felt the wood on my bare bottom. It was cold but smooth. Then the first whack hit me. I was crying and my aunt kept the spanking up for 25 to 30 good spanks on my bare bottom.

Afterwards, I was ordered off the horse and over my aunt’s knee. My aunt rubbed my very red bottom and made me promise I would never say those kind of words again. She whacked my bottom with her hand and I yelled out that I would not. Finally, I was allowed to get dressed again and she told me to go and play.

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