Spanking by the pool

I was no stranger to spankings as a kid. Whenever I misbehaved in any manner, I could expect a spanking from my mom. She would take me over her knees and spank me on the seat of my pants with her hand or a paddle until I was crying. In severe circumstances, she would pull my pants down and spank me on my underwear, which hurt a bit more without the protection the outer layer gave me.

During the summer, when I was 11, my mom would often take me to the neighbour’s pool during the day. Under no circumstances was I ever to go there without her. Even though there were always moms there watching the kids, she was afraid something would happen to me.

One morning I was given a sound paddling on my underpants for talking back – something my mom never tolerated. That same afternoon, my friends were over at the pool and I begged my mom to take me over. She said she was busy and I would just have to wait until she was finished.

I didn’t want to wait. I changed into my Speedo bathing suit, which is what most of the boys wore. I then went over to the pool. There were two other moms there watching their little kids, so I didn’t think too much could happen to me. I jumped in and was having a good time – that is, until my mom showed up 15 minutes later.

“Stephen, get you fanny over here right now!” she sternly demanded.

I was so embarrassed to have my mom confront me like this in front of all the others. But she didn’t stop there. I walked over to where she was now sitting, and she immediately grabbed my arm and pulled me down over her lap.

“No mom, please don’t spank me!” I begged. “You know the rules and what happens when you break them,” she replied. My Speedo bathing suit was tightly hugging my buttocks and mom’s hand descended swiftly upon them. I was so embarrassed with my friends there watching, along with the younger kids and their moms. My mom spanked me repeatedly. “Please stop!” I begged her. “I promise I’ll never do it again!”

She gave me ten hard swats on my bathing suit, which had me near crying. She then lifted me from her lap and I gave her an angry glare. “You’re going to learn to listen to me before I get through with you,” she said.

Suddenly, she slid her fingers into the waistband of my Speedos and quickly yanked them down below my knees. “What are you doing?” I yelled in a mortified voice, trying to grab my bathing suit and pull it back up. She grabbed me and pulled me back over her knees.

She immediately began to spank me with fierce, repeated swats on my bare bottom. “You are a very bad, bad boy!” she said as she smacked my bottom. I immediately began to kick and howl, and in the process I kicked my bathing suit off, leaving me completely nude.

Mom was really going crazy on my little behind. All the others were there watching. I was kicking and squirming, and I was twisting my body in a manner that exposed my little penis to them. Mom would just turn me back over and continue swatting. I didn’t think she was ever going to stop. I was screaming so hard that I was almost losing my voice.

She stopped for a moment and rubbed my very warm bottom all over for a minute or so. She then resumed spanking me with more fierce, repeated swats. I had never cried so hard before.

After a long while, my mom finally stopped and lifted me off her lap. My hands immediately went to my bottom, desperately trying to rub the heat out as I danced around and howled. My penis was now erect from rubbing against my mom’s knee during the ordeal.

She picked up my bathing suit, grabbed my arm, and hauled me home nude while she occasionally smacked my bottom. She took me straight upstairs to her bedroom and left me there. I checked my bottom in the mirror and saw that it was entirely dark red and purple.

My punishment wasn’t over. Mom came back into the bedroom minutes later and I found myself back over her lap. She lubed my rectum with her finger before giving me two separate enemas. This was the first time she gave me an enema – but it certainly was not the last.

Contributor: Stephen

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