Shopping for a new dress

One morning when I was eight, mom decided to take me and my younger sister shopping for a new dress. I was extremely excited because we didn’t shop very much and I loved getting new clothes – I mean, who doesn’t? So anyway, we were in the store for about an hour looking for a dress for my little sister first. This made me a little angry – as the eldest, I felt I should get my stuff first.

I whined and moaned for about five minutes. You could see mom was getting annoyed by the expression on her face. She finally said in a loud voice: “Stop complaining right now or I’m going to spank you in front of everyone.” I thought nothing of this – my sister and I had been spanked on the bottom before but I ‘knew’ she wouldn’t do it in a public place. Boy, was I wrong!

Mom’s threat only lasted about 10 minutes on me. Again, I was starting to whine and get mad like all children seem to do. I got so mad that I kept hitting my little sister, who at that time was six. I kept hitting her and repeating: “I hate you – I wish you were dead!”

With this, my mother stopped what she was doing, picked me up and sat on the bench near the department we were in. I was sitting on her lap while she looked furiously through her purse. I knew I was in for a major spanking – bad enough I had to get it in front of the whole store too.

She finally found the paddle-like brush she used on us for spankings. She yanked me over her knee and with one hard pull, she had my panties and shorts down. No-one seemed to pay much attention until she began to spank and scold me. “You have to learn how to behave while we are in the store!” Spank! “You are a naughty girl who needs to learn her lesson!” Spank! She just kept whacking me with the hard end of the brush.

I was crying so hard that I lost count after 30. Everyone in the store was now staring at the crying kid. I could hear them whisper ‘oh my – what is she doing to that child?’ or ‘how much more is left?’ After what seemed like forever, mom finally let me up. My face was as red as my bottom, which was numb. I couldn’t even feel it when my hand was rubbing my sore behind.

I pulled up my panties and put on my shorts. We left the store then, buying only three dresses for my sister. On the way home in the car, my mother informed me that as soon as we get home, daddy would spank me too and that I was in for a harder and longer spanking than the one in the store.

That’s another story, but daddy did spank me until my tiny backside was black and blue. I did learn something, though – never go to the store with mom when she has PMS!

Contributor: Sarah

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