In front of friends

I was often spanked as a young boy, but one of the worst punishments I can remember was the day I had some friends over to play. That was a black day, indeed.

We must have been up to some mischief anyway and my mother gave us a warning – especially me. But I did not hear her and with all the excitement, some damage was done – I think a pane of glass in the greenhouse was broken.

Anyway, I was the primary culprit and my mother insisted I get punished – in front of the three other kids! The other boys looked embarrassed to say the least but secretly could not wait to see the punishment being inflicted. I, on the other hand, was bawling like a baby, even before a hand touched my little 11-year-old bottom.

My mother told me to stop being such a baby as she undid the buttons on my grey shorts and began pulling them down. I was crying because the boys were there, not because of the spanking I was going to get.

My mother pulled down my underpants down and put me across her knee – my legs were kicking now. She smacked my bare backside with her hand ten times. I was sobbing even worse as I got down off her knee.

My mother felt that my crying was over-dramatic, as she pulled my pants up and fastened them, and considered that I was throwing a tantrum like a toddler. That was when she decided that I should be put to bed straight away.

When I heard this, I was even worse. She dragged me upstairs to the bedroom, inviting the boys to come too. She always felt that to increase shame, a punishment should be witnessed. It was even worse for me as two of the boys were younger than me, so I felt really babyish.

Mum went to the window and drew the curtains. I could not believe this – it was two o’clock in the afternoon and I was being put to bed! Then she came over and instructed me to raise my arms. I did so hesitantly.

Mum pulled off my jumper and then began to unbutton my shirt until that too was off. I looked over at the other boys, who were thoroughly enjoying this. Then mum sat me on the bed, untied the laces of my shoes and took them off. These were quickly followed by my grey socks, and finally my shorts and underpants.

My mother then put my pyjamas on, pulled back the sheets and ordered me into bed. I was to stay there until she said so. I was still sobbing like a baby when she forced a big baby’s dummy into my mouth to keep me quiet. I slept for a while and was only allowed back up to the tea table in my pyjamas.

My mother had sent the boys home but now she had Pam, a six-year-old girl she used to babysit, in her care at the table too. Pam stared at me for several minutes before asking mother why I was in my pyjamas and ready for bed so early. My mother said it was because I had been a naughty boy.

After tea, I had to go straight back to bed for the evening – even before the other kid!

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