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The most memorable spanking that I remember was after my 16th birthday. I truly thought that I was an adult. The only thing that kept me from that was that my mom was too old-fashioned and not ‘up to date’.

My mom was the ‘oldie but goodie’ while I was young and into the fashion of the day. While she remained in the 60s, I was growing up in the 80s. The style of clothes were short skirts and belly blouses. But mom was still in the old-fashioned mould and she wouldn’t change.

We went shopping and the skirt that I bought was too short for her tastes – but I told her that she was not wearing it, I was. Then she told me that if I used that tone of voice to her, she would show me something old-fashioned that I would not like. So then, I was quiet until we were home.

There, I asked her what was wrong with the clothes that I bought. She said that no young lady in her day would wear such things. I replied that I was no lady.

Before I could finish my comments, she grabbed me and instantly I was over her knee, having my clothes removed. Then, out of nowhere, came blows that took my very breath – they just kept on coming, and looked like they were never going to stop.

My mom played tennis and from the way that she was swinging her hand, you could not even tell that I was as old as I was. Needless to say, the clothes were returned and I learned how to be a young lady in an old-fashioned way.

Contributor: Toni

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