Thieves for a spanking

When I was about eight, I used to go to a shop to buy sweets after school, usually with my friend David. The woman who ran the shop was a large, plump lady who was very nice and kind.

One day, David went in to buy some sweets and I followed, although I had no money. David suggested I steal some sweets as he distracted the woman. As he was being served, I put some sweets in my pocket. I looked around guiltily but the woman had vanished.

David and I headed for the door – only to find the woman standing in front of us and the door closed. She said: “Stealing is a crime – I will have to call the police.” We begged her not to and eventually, she agreed – but said we must be punished.

She took us into the back room of the shop, where a girl of about 12 was sitting. “Two thieves for a spanking,” she said to the girl. We stood in front of the woman and she ordered David to take his trousers and pants down. When he had done this she pulled his shirt right up, exposing him completely, then put him over her lap.

The girl was watching intently by now. “Can I spank this one?” she asked, pointing at me. “OK,” said the woman. The girl took me by the hand and led me into the next room. I could hear smacks and squeals coming from David. The girl looked at me and said: “Pull your pants down.”

I hesitated and she said: “Quickly, or my mum will spank you as well and she really hurts, believe me.” I took my trousers down and she pulled up my shirt and tucked it under. I was hoping she would leave my undies alone but this was not to be – I felt her fingers slipping my pants down to my knees.

She bent me over her knee and began to hit me. She had a soft hand and it did not hurt too much but I began to cry anyway. After about 20 smacks, she stopped and ran her hand across my bottom. She then turned me over to inspect my privates. “I’ve never seen a naked boy this close before,” she said. “I wish you could spank me.”

She let me stand up and pull my pants up. She took me back into the other room, where David was standing with his bare bottom, still exposed looking very red.

The mother then took hold of me and pulled my trousers and pants down again. She looked at my bottom and said: “Not sore enough.” She began to smack me really hard and I began to cry and thrash about. An age later, I was stood up and allowed to pull up my pants. We were put outside the door, with strict instructions not to come back to the shop.

We never did, although in later years I wished I had gone back to spank the girl as she wanted.

Contributor: John

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