Spanked for wetting

When I was six, my parents went on a business trip for two days and I stayed home with my mom’s friend Amy. She was 18 at that time. Before she left, my mom told Amy that if I was any trouble, she could bare my bottom and spank me.

Anyway, after dinner, we had watermelon. Then Amy told me to go to the bathroom before I slept because I might wet the bed during the night (I still did this sometimes). Well, I didn’t listen to her and went straight to bed. The next morning, I woke up wet.

Amy was really angry. She asked me if I had gone to the bathroom before bed as instructed. I admitted I had not.

She said: “I thought I told you to go to the bathroom before you went to bed!” She pulled down my wet pyjamas and underpants and put me on her lap. She spanked me for about 30 times, then stopped to yell at me.

As it turned out, the spanking hurt so much I had another accident on her lap. She went out to change her clothes and told me to stay on my wet bed. I was rubbing my bottom and sobbing. When she came back, she had a hairbrush in her hand.

Amy put me back on her lap and spanked me thoroughly with the brush. I was kicking and screaming and crying, but it was no use. She spanked me for about 20 minutes, then told me to take a bath. I was crying and rubbed my bottom all the way to the tub.

When I came out, she dried me. After I was dry, she gave me five more spanks on my bare bottom – which made me cry again. She said if I wet the bed again, she would use a belt and whip me. I never wet myself again when Amy babysat.

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