Going to church

One weekend, when I was eight, my parents were out of town. However, they had instructed my 19-year-old nanny Brandi to take us to church on Sunday as usual.

Brandi was about 5ft 8in, with brown hair and brown eyes, and I had kind of a childhood crush on her at the time. She was very pretty and athletic also.

When it was time to get ready for church, Brandi came into my room and wanted to know why I wasn’t ready. I told her that I didn’t feel like going to church and that I wanted to stay home instead.

Brandi then grabbed my black pants off a hanger in my closet, handed them to me and said: “Put these on – you’re going to church, whether you like it or not.” She then left the room and I started to take my shorts off.

As I did this, I started thinking to myself: “She’s not my mother. I don’t have to go to church if I don’t want to.” So I sat down on my bedroom floor in my underwear and T-shirt and told myself that I would just sit there in protest.

Big mistake! Brandi came back in my room a few minutes later to check on my progress and she became really upset that I hadn’t put my pants on yet. She then told me in a stern voice: “If you don’t put these pants on right now, I’m gonna give you a spanking!”

A spanking? Sure she had spanked me several times before, but this time I felt that there was no way that she would follow through on her threat. After all, I felt that if I didn’t want to go to church, then I didn’t have to. This time, I felt that I was totally justified. I stood up and I yelled back at her: “No! I’m not going to church and you can’t make me!”

With this, I threw my pants at her. In an instant, Brandi grabbed me by my arm and took me over to my bed. Now I was in for it! She sat down on my bed and pulled me over her lap. Brandi yelled at me:” So, you don’t want to wear your pants? Then you won’t be needing your underpants either!”

With that, Brandi pulled my underwear down to my ankles. I was face down over her lap about to get the spanking of my life from my nanny. This was to be my first bare bottom spanking from her.

Brandi yelled: “You’ve been a very, very naughty boy and you must be punished! I’m gonna spank you until you learn that when I tell you to do something, you better not disobey me!” Brandi then began spanking me with her right hand.

After the first few spanks, I yelled out: “Please, Brandi – stop! Please don’t spank me!” But she continued beating my bottom and said: “I’m gonna teach you some manners, you spoiled brat – you’re gonna get a spanking you’ll never forget!”

Brandi continued spanking me and it was becoming so hard that I started to cry and kick my legs. The spanking hurt so much that I lost count of the number of swats. She must have given me about 30 spanks before she was done.

After she finished spanking me, Brandi held me in place over her lap and said: “If you ever disobey me again, I’ll put you over my knee and spank your butt so hard that you won’t sit down for the entire month!” Then she finally let me up off her lap, still crying.

I thought my punishment was over but I was wrong. She said: “Now you’ve made us late for church, so you can just spend the next half hour in the corner with your underpants down to remind you of what happens to naughty boys who disobey!”

I slowly waddled over to the corner in my room but I was able to get a glance at my bottom through the mirror on my wall. It was crimson red and boy, did she do a good job at spanking my bottom!

Brandi then left my room, saying: “If you pick up your underpants or move from that corner and I catch you, then you’ll go right back over my knee – but this time it’ll be with my hairbrush!”

For the next half hour, I didn’t dare move a muscle. I didn’t end up going to church that Sunday – but I wished I had, because my bottom was as sore as can be.

That was the last time I ever refused to go to church when Brandi was around but I can’t say that was the last time I was over her knee for a bare bottom spanking – it was just the beginning. The next week, she caught me in a lie – but that’s another story.

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