Summer memory

My brother and I actually did not receive many spankings – but I will never forget the one we got in the summer of 1991.

Each spring, we got new clothes for the summer. We got new short trousers, T-shirt and new sandals. When I was 13 and my brother 14, we both started to hate wearing sandals. We thought that only girls and sissies wore sandals. But it was no use.

One fine day in spring 1991 we had to go shopping with our mother and, although we complained a lot, we both got a new pair of sandals. They were brown and made of leather and had a buckle on the side. How we hated that!

The next day, our mother wanted us to wear our new shoes at school. We both were afraid of being laughed at and finally managed to run away in our sneakers.

When we came home, Mum was quite angry. We had a big argument about that. But the next day, we managed again to run away in our sneakers while Mum was in the kitchen. Although she did not see us running away, she noticed that our sandals were in left in our rooms. She must have been very angry at that moment.

When we came back from school, Mum was not there. We knew that we were in trouble. When we entered our room, we found a wooden cooking spoon on our desk. It was not hard to guess what she was going to do with it! We were terrified!

“We should wear our sandals when Mum comes,” I said with a trembling voice. “Yes, I think so!” said my brother. So we took off our sneakers and put on our sandals. Then we ran out of the house.

When we came back after half an hour, Mum was standing in the garden. “Come here!” she shouted. We were terrified! “Come with me!” she said. We both started to tremble. She took us by our hands and dragged us into the house.

“But Mum,” my brother cried, “we are wearing our sandals now!”

My mother didn’t say a word. We had to go to our room with her. Without saying a word, she pulled down my brother’s shorts, then his pants. He started to cry. No use – he was taken over her knee. First he felt her hand on his bare bottom, then suddenly Mum said to me: “Give me the spoon!”

I did so. Although my brother’s bottom was already quite red, she spanked him for about two minutes with the spoon. It was terrible!

When she she had finished, he was allowed to stand up, then he had to stand in the corner of the room with his pants down. His bum was burning!

Then it was my turn. My eyes were full of tears but I knew it would have been no use to resist. Mum pulled down my trousers, then my pants. Suddenly, I was over her knee.

It was awful! First her hand for about three minutes, then the spoon. It was the worst spanking I had ever received.

When she finished, I had to stand in the same corner as my brother. We both were still crying. It was so embarrassing for us, standing in the room with our red bottoms and wearing our sandals.

But her method worked. All summer we wore our sandals – it was less painful than being spanked!

Contributor: Stefan

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