Paddled in the hallway

When I was a kid (in the early 60s), I got some occasional tastes of maternal discipline. They were invariably the traditional over-the-knee spankings on the seat of the pants. However, when I was in kindergarten, I got a spanking that was somewhat unique.

I was quite a live wire at the tender age of five. Also, I was rather bored in kindergarten. I don’t remember exactly what triggered the spanking – but I remember exactly how I got it!

My teacher picked me up and carried me out into the hallway. She held me up in the air with one arm (being a naughty little brat) and dropped my pants with the other. Then she whacked my bare bottom with a wooden paddle.

Fortunately, our hallway had a cul-de-sac in it where I wouldn’t be on view to the whole building. I can remember the definite sensation of woodgrain against bottom. I didn’t know she had a paddle until I felt it.

Unlike some kids, my first bare bottom paddling was also my last. However, I did have a number of pants-up bottom warmings up to the age of about 12.

Contributor: Charlie

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