When I was 18, in the 60s, my father married again. He had told me she was a ‘younger woman’ but was a bit vague as to the particulars. In fact, she was almost the same age as me!

Her name was Joanne. She was redhead, well-stacked and tended to go in for very short skirts. For all this, she was rather old-fashioned in her approach to ‘child-rearing’ as she called it. She also had a tendency to condescend to those of her own age, treating them as kids.

When she moved in, she brought with her her younger sister Lucy, who was 14. She insisted I call her ‘aunt’ or ‘miss’. Joanne, my new stepmother, told me that she would expect me to obey her as I had my mother, in spite of the slight age difference. If I did not, she said, I would be spanked – and her sister was to be shown the same deference.

She wasn’t joking. Many a time I went over her lap for a bare bottom spanking. And in her absence, her grinning sister would often use her ‘authority’ to bend me over and paddle me with a hairbrush – usually with her friends present.

Contributor: Geoffrey

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