Corner time

I’m an adult now but as a girl and teen, I was subject to my mother’s strict discipline. Mother was an expert in giving spankings to me and my sister – but she specialised in corner time.

I memorized the wallpaper due to all the time I spent staring into the living room corner. Just about every spanking included corner time. Even when I just got a quick hand spanking over my underpants, as a warning, I still had to stand in the corner, dress held up, afterwards.

For real spankings, with the dreaded paddle, corner time started before the first spank as mother would make me take off my jeans or skirt and face the corner while she either ignored or lectured me. She liked to send me to the corner with the order to ‘think about the spanking you have coming’ – like I could think about anything else!

And when I finally did get to leave the corner, it was only to walk down the hall where I would get the paddle from where it hung inside the closet door. I hated hearing that slick rectangle of wood bang against the door whenever I opened it.

I handed over the paddle and sometimes mother took my panties down or she made me do it, but it was always panties off. I hated being exposed but was more afraid of the paddle.

Mother would take me over her lap and blister my bare bottom with the wood. I bawled and begged and kicked like a six-year-old, even when I was in high school.

Of course, after the last ‘whap!’ I jumped around the room sobbing and holding my scorched behind. Then it was back to the corner, to stand and cry in shame, my bare red fanny on display for as long as mother thought necessary.

Contributor: Connie

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