Staying with Debbie

When I was nine, my sister and went to live with my second cousin while my mother was going through some hard times.

Debbie believed wholeheartedly in discipline and would waste no time correcting even the slightest misbehaviour. Although there are several memories of spankings from her, one or two stick out in my mind.

I was studying the capitols of the United States, as I was supposed to memorise them for school. All day through the weekend, I spent in my room with nothing but a list of the states and their capitols. Every hour, Debbie would come in and quiz me. If I didn’t know as many as she thought I should, I had to to lower my pants and underwear, bend over the bed and receive 10 licks with either a hairbrush or a kitchen spatula – whichever she had at the time – for every one I did not know.

At the time it was not known, but I had (and still have) attention deficit disorder, which caused me not to be able to remember a lot. This caused my bare bottom many, many spankings. They were always on the bare bottom, and always with a hairbrush or spatula.

Even when Debbie broke both her arms at work, me and my sister didn’t get less spankings. Debbie ‘hired’ a teenage girl to administer them while she supervised. Again, always on the bare and always with a hairbrush or spatula.

We stayed with Debbie for about 18 months and received too many spankings to count – at least two a week at a minimum, if Debbie was in a good mood that week.

Almost everything we did wrong constituted a spanking – not washing dishes correctly, not waking up immediately for school, forgetting to let the dog out. The whole time I stayed with Debbie, I was afraid of what excuse she would next find to drop my pants and spank me.

Once we returned to my mother, we never saw Debbie again.

Contributor: Ted

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