In the woods with Anne

One summer afternoon, when I was a skinny boy of 15, I took my sister Anne (who was 13 at the time) to one of our secret hideouts in the woods for a picnic.

My relationship with my sister had changed a lot before that time. We were playmates growing up and often played ‘undressing games’ in the woods – but Anne stopped this when she was around 11 and beginning to mature. She was much more mature two years later, whereas I was still pretty much a little boy and she was even taller than me.

At our picnic, she thanked me for taking her and being so nice to her but said she was sorry I had only done it so she wouldn’t tell her girlfriends about a spanking I’d gotten from our mother.

Two days before, Anne had come home to find me getting spanked with my pants down. She said it was really her duty to tell; that was part of my punishment. I remember feeling shivery when she said this and wondered desperately what else I could do as a favour for her.

To make a long story short, I took off my clothes for Anne, there in our secret place. This pleased her, though she commented that it really wasn’t so much because she’s seen me just that week with my pants down.

We discussed this some more, Anne sitting comfortably on a stump in her jeans and top and me naked, and somehow it was agreed she would spank me herself. I remember the feeling of her denim thighs under me as I laid down and the frightening thought that I must be the only boy alive who was across his younger sister’s lap for a spanking.

Anne lectured me for a while before spanking me, saying it was a shame I didn’t get spanked on my bare bottom more often by our mom, because this is what I clearly needed. It was almost a relief when I felt her begin to spank me, and I recall that I thought it wasn’t so bad. She kept it up for a good while, though, and it really was pretty bad by the time it was over.

Over the next couple weeks, we went to the rest of our many hideouts in the woods and Anne held me naked across her lap and spanked me in each one of them. After the first spanking, she would bring her hairbrush along and use that for the second part of my spanking. Although I never cried over her lap, she spanked me very soundly sometimes and would have me pleading with her to stop.

Anne enjoyed spanking me, and her doing it in all of the secret places we went to was a way of establishing herself and being in control when we were alone together. Our relationship was totally different from then on.

Contributor: Walter

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