The cane at bedtime

You may have read The Slipper at Bedtime, which described a slippering I and my best friend James got from my mum when we emptied feathers from a pillow all over the floor. If you thought my mum was nasty, you should read about his mother!

I was shocked when James told me he got the cane from his mum and on several subsequent occasions I pressed him for information about it. He told me that when he was younger his mum would slipper him, just as my mum had slippered us both that night, but six months before she had introduced him to the cane.

“Sometimes,” he told me, “she just canes my hands. I have to hold them out and she whacks me two or three times on each hand. Sometimes she canes my hands and my bum.”

It was three months or so later that I was able to experience the cane for myself. I was sleeping over at his home and at bedtime we started messing about. We had a water fight in the bathroom – why did we do that? We got water everywhere and James’s mum was furious.

“You will clean up this mess and you will go to your room and wait.” I felt sick to my stomach, knowing we were in for a good hiding.

Ten minutes later, his mum entered, carrying the cane. “You are both very silly, naughty little boys,” she scolded as we bowed our heads. She looked at me. “Your mum has told me I should cane you as well as James.”

She made James take down his pyjama pants and he bent over, small botty upturned, waiting for chastisement. It twitched in anticipation.

She caned him low and hard. The lower part of a boy’s bottom is where he sits down and James’s was soon as red as anything. Six good wallops while James cried in pain. “Mummy, stop – I’m sorry,” he pleaded after just the third stroke.

Afterwards, he had to stand in the corner of the room and was not allowed to rub his sore behind. I got the same and man, it was sore. It was ten times worse than any slipper. My bum was buzzing so much, I thought I would pass out. I cried throughout and wished I was not a child having to submit to corporal punishment.

I too had to stand in the corner and stay there for 10 minutes. After that, we had to go to bed.

After this punishment my mum also got a cane, saying that if James was old enough I was too. I got many hidings from mum’s cane, up to the age of 15.

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