Water and hairbrush

My brother, who was two years older, and I got spanked once in a water-related escapade.

We had come home from school and were going out to a church dinner that evening. We were sent upstairs to take a bath and get ready. During the transition from my brother getting out of the tub and me getting in, both of us completely naked, he discovered that with wet feet, the hallway made a great sliding experience. The floors had been recently varnished.

The next thing I knew, following his lead (my stupidity!) we were taking water out of the tub with a small plastic bucket and throwing it on the floor. As it turned out, the more water on the floor, the more fun we were having. That is, until our mother appeared at the top of the stairs.

There must have been an inch of water covering the entire floor in the hallway and it was seeping into the surrounding carpet, etc. Needless to say, she went bananas! She smacked our hind cheeks with her hand a couple of times and pushed us into our bedroom where she told us to get on our beds and not to move. “As soon as I get this mess mopped up, you’re both going to get the hairbrush!”

As we laid on our beds, who should appear but my older sister. She had a lot of things to tell my mother about her day in school, especially since she was now in junior high. As my mother mopped, she invited my sister to sit on the chair in our bedroom.

So, there we were, my brother and I completely naked on our beds, my sister sitting in the chair by the door talking to my mother, who was in the hallway mopping away. Oh yeah, my sister did inquire about why we were naked on our beds. Of course, she took the side of my mother in exclaiming how terrible a crime we had committed.

When my mother told her that she was going to spank us, she asked her what she was going to spank us with. My sister grinned with excitement as soon as she heard it was going to be the hairbrush! “That will teach them a good lesson, I know it will. The hairbrush really hurts when you get spanked with it,” reported my sister from her own experience.

The next thing I heard was my mother saying: “I’m going to dump this water out, honey. Will you go get the hairbrush from my dresser and bring it back here?” I never saw my sister move so fast, and she was back in our room holding the hairbrush before my mother returned.

Mom thanked her and then went over to my brother’s bed, pulled him across her lap and proceeded to spank his hiney with tremendous vigour for what seemed like several minutes.

I was next for the same treatment as my sister sat there and observed, with obvious great pleasure, the whole affair. My sister sat there wide-eyed and smiling as our yelling and screaming was probably heard all over the neighbourhood.

When mom finally finished with me, she went back to my brother’s bed, rolled him over and gave him a ‘reminder’ spanking. About two dozen or more spanks. Then she repeated it on me.

We did go to church later for dinner. It was hard to sit down and I noticed my sister whispering to all her friends and then watching them look over at us and giggle. I knew she was recalling the afternoon’s events to them and I really felt embarrassed. I was in the third grade and thought I was too big to get spanked anymore!

Unfortunately, there were more spankings right into junior high school.

Contributor: Don

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