Mr Smack

When I was five, my mother decided that I was now too old for being put in the corner. She decided that a good swatting with her wooden spoon – Mr Smack, as she called it – was more suitable.

Whenever I was in deep enough trouble ,she would always tell me to ‘get Mr Smack from the pantry and report to the paddle closet’.

By the time you heard this, you were scared out of your wits! I was, anyway.

My mother would then come into her big, walk-in closet and pull up the stool. Then she would say: “Pull down your pants, young lady, let me see that guilty bottom!”

So, of course you didn’t argue – you would pull down your pants (and panties) down to your ankles and wait for further instruction.

My mother always had us under instruction. If we did something too early, or before she said anything, it would result in five to 10 more spanks, depending on her mood.

She would put you over her lap, and just wait there for about 30 seconds without making a movement or saying a single word. Then she would make you tell her exactly what you did wrong and why you deserved the spanking. If you did not give her the response she wanted, she would add five or 10 more.

Then after you told her, you would have to tell her how many more smacks than 20 you deserved – she always based these punishments on 10, 20 or, if you were really really bad, even 30 or 40).

If you told her 30 – because this would make her proud of you – she would paddle until she got to 30, then stop and ask how many more.

By this time you were really, really embarrassed and even more sore. So she picks up Mr Smack and begins paddling again until you answer.

Every time she swatted, she would aim at different parts of the bottom, just to make sure you got the full impact of the situation. She would start at the lower back and rotate around. Her next would be your right cheek, then right in the middle. Then right ‘down there’ in between your cheeks. And so on, in a complete circle. This stung so much, you could not help but try to grab the spoon and cover your well-heated rear. 

This would anger her even more and she would just spank the lower area for a while, because that was obviously the most tender. 

You would then have to stand in the corner of the closet and stop crying. Maybe, if you were really lucky, she would then let you leave – with the stern warning that if you pulled up your pants and or panties you would be in for another round.

Contributor: Claudia

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