The present

Unfortunately for me, my parents were not opposed to baring naughty bottoms, should the behaviour warrant it. They believed in smacking them until they were so sore that the culprit could not sit down comfortably for quite some time. Sometimes this was done in private and sometimes in front of others – but nearly always, pants down.

I remember on one particular occasion when I was about nine years old. I was misbehaving on the way home from school. My mother pulled down my panties and gave me a couple of hard smacks with her hand on my bare bottom in the middle of the street. I remember sulking all the way home, walking slowly behind her as I rubbed my sore backside.

When we got home, she told me to go upstairs that she had a present for me. My previous smacks instantly forgotten, I obeyed, wondering what delight it was that she had for me!

Once there, she told me to bend over my bed, which I dutifully did. It was only when she raised my skirt and smacked by bottom with her hand that I realised what was coming. I instinctively put my hand to my bottom, which she quickly and firmly pinned to my back.

The next thing I knew, my panties were tugged down and from somewhere she produced a slipper which she applied with force to my naked bottom, oblivious to my kicks and pleas for her to stop. She smacked me until her arm was tired, lecturing me all the while.

When she thought I had had enough, she took me downstairs and made me face the wall in the kitchen. For 30 minutes, I had to face the wall, hands on head and reflect. I knew from previous experience that it was not advisable to move before time was up!

When my father came home, if he felt that the lesson had not yet been learned, he would put the culprit over his knee in the living room and spank our recently-reddened bottoms with his large hand in front of who ever happened to be around at the time.

Thankfully, on this occasion my bottom was spared a second dose – I was simply sent to bed early with no bedtime story.

Contributor: Kris

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