My cousin Danielle

My first interest in spanking started some 14 years ago now. I was 14 at the time, while my cousin Danielle was 15. My family is fairly large and we range some 15 years between the oldest and youngest. We also all live very close – at the time, both of us lived with our parents, who all live in the same street.

We had a very ‘open door’ policy and the family all used to go in and out of each other’s houses via the back doors. On this day, I entered my aunt’s house as usual but before I could call out, I heard my aunt’s voice raised in anger from the living room. Always one to avoid a scene, I was about to sneak back out when something I heard grabbed my attention.

“That was unforgivable, young lady. You must be punished. For ducking school, I think you deserve a good smacking across your backside. And I’m going to give it to you now.”

“Please, no mum!” Dani cried out.

I paused and till this day, I don’t know why I headed instead towards the hall. From there I could see into the lounge through the half-open door. Dani was standing in the lounge, her head hung down, while my aunt was scolding her.

Dani was slim, almost elfin, and about 5ft 2in. She had dark long hair at the time which reached half way down her back. Over the last year, I had become uncomfortably aware that Dani had developed a lovely figure and her breasts were growing very full.

She was dressed for school (which it seems she had bunked off). A white blouse with a blue V-neck jumper, a blue pleated skirt that reached about half-way down her smooth thighs and white ankle socks.

Suddenly, my aunt grabbed Dani and bent her over so her backside was facing me directly. This moment is engraved forever on my memory. She looked so slight and helpless.

Then, to my amazement, she pulled up Dani’s skirt above her waist and I was faced with my cousin’s white knickers pulled tight across her petite derriere. I had seen Dani in a swimming costume before without effect but this I found very arousing.

My aunt raised her hand and brought it down on Dani’s pretty tight white panties and it landed with a loud smack, followed by a small whimper. I was rooted to the spot. I couldn’t move if I my life depended on it. This moment was the time I became interested in spanking.

Smack, smack, smack. Three more landed and by now, Dani was wriggling but my aunt’s hand was firmly on her back, holding her bent over. She tried to turn her bottom away but my aunt’s blow landed cleanly every time.

By number five Dani was crying – I could hear her gulping sobs over the slaps. She screamed out “Noooo. stop, mum. I can’t bear it anymore.” Smack. “No, please, I promise I’ll never skip school again”.

Smack “You certainly won’t young lady,” declared my aunt. “You still have six more to come.”

“What? No – that’s not fair! Please mummy, no more, I can’t stand it.”

With this, she started to whimper and whine. By now, I could see a rosy glow appearing beneath her white panties. My hand moved into my pocket and I found myself slowly stroking myself through the lining of my jeans. I couldn’t decide which I found more fascinating – seeing my cousin’s lovely arse turning red or her sudden humbling, as she had always been a little bossy to me and haughty.

Three more smacks followed – with every one one she seemed to regress a year. She wasn’t even attempting to evade the blows. Smack, smack, smack. “I can’t take anymore. No more! Please mummy, stop hurting me!” But it continued and all Dani could do was gasp and gulp back the tears.

By now, she was crying steadily. Smack. “Ooowwwwwwww!” Smack, smack. “Arghhhhhhhhh!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. With the 12th smack, my aunt stopped. However, she kept my cousin bent over while she sat down out of sight.

Embarrassed but highly aroused, I slipped out the back door, my life transformed forever.

Contributor: Paul

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