Dirty children

Growing up in the 70s, my parents always gave a wonderful tanning to my brothers and sister but never me – I was almost always a perfect angel.

This one time, however, when I was 12 (my parents never spanked past ten), we had been driving in the car for a long time. I always had to use the bathroom. We arrived home just to find that my sister, who was 17 and had not come with us, had just entered the shower. It was near 11 o’clock so my mom told me to go to bed. I had to use the bathroom but I couldn’t. So I tried to sleep with my bladder full.

When I awoke the next morning, I had realised wetness was all around me. Embarrassed, I changed my sheets and stuck them in the laundry room. Unfortunately, my mom was doing laundry that day. I was in my room finishing a homework assignment that Saturday afternoon when my mom came in holding the pee-stained sheets.

“What is this?” she asked. I tried to make up an excuse but caught myself in a lie. “I don’t know.” “Don’t lie to me,” she growled.

So I explained the whole story. It would have been all right, but two years ago I was still bed wetting and my mom threatened me with diapers until I stopped. She was angry that I had started wetting my bed – plus she was having a rough day with my two younger brothers, so she started yelling at me.

“I am very ashamed of you. Wait here.” I didn’t know what was going to happen, I sure didn’t expect a spanking.

My mom came back in with my brothers on her arm and took us to her room. Spankings were always done in there. I still didn’t think I’d be spanked at age 12, almost 13.

My mother lectured us for ten minutes then pulled out her chair and stuck it in the centre of the room. She motioned for my youngest brother Mitch to come to her. He was crying hard already. She pulled down his pants and smacked his bottom once. Then she took off his underwear and found that they were soiled. He was six. She lectured and told him to clean himself up.

Amazingly, when my other brother Joe, aged nine, took down his pants they too were soiled. I was embarrassed for my brothers. Joe was told to clean up, and eventually both he and Mitch came back.

My mother pulled Mitch over her knee and took her time. “I am very disappointed (SMACK) in you (SMACK) Mitch. You (SMACK) shouldn’t (SMACK) be soiling (SMACK) like a (SMACK) baby!” Mitch was crying really hard and begging her to stop. He even tried to get away but she smacked him even harder. I counted how many Mitch received – 50 spanks. When she was done, my mother sent him to the corner bare-bottomed, with clear instructions not to touch.

Then came Joe’s turn and he cried harder then Mitch. The same method was used and he too received 50 spanks before being sent to the corner.

I just sat on the bed awaiting my punishment – which I still thought wasn’t going to be a spanking. “Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked me. “What do you mean?” She thought I was being smart. “Stand up, young lady, you’re next.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe I was getting a spanking. “Mom, I’m 12! We only get spankings till we’re 10!” “People that pee their beds like a baby will get punishments like babies,” was her reply.

I pulled down my pants, underwear and all and laid across her lap. I was dying of humiliation. Just as my mom was about to land the first spank, my sister Jen came in and saw me. She quickly ran out.

My mom then landed the first spank right on the middle of my bum, at the lower end. I received 60 spanks, and was bawling at ten. After than I stood in the corner, my bruised butt burning with pain. My mom made us stay there ten minutes.

Unfortunately, while she was away, all three of us started talking about much it had hurt. Mom came back in and told us to come over, one at a time, and receive a second dose for talking. We started crying before we got on her lap. We each received 20 more. Then my mom held out three diapers.

She fastened one on Mitch, who was crying with humiliation, then swatted his bum five more times. Then Joe argued and received another ten spanks before the diaper went on him. Finally, I walked over and was put in a huge Depends diaper. I felt childish wearing a diaper over a sore, red bottom. I was sent to the corner with my brothers, and we stood there for half an hour. Then we were finally allowed back to our rooms.

To make matters worse, later my dad came home and spanked us again for giving my mom such a hard time.

Before bed, mom took off our diapers and to my dismay, replaced them with another. She gave us all a kiss and we slept. I didn’t argue, but just took my humiliation. For two days after that, I wore diapers to bed.

After that, I didn’t wet the bed again, ever – even if it was just an accident. It was my first real spanking and I will never forget it. My mom stills jokes about it. She was such a loving mom and I never hated her for the spanking. Maybe I deserved it, maybe I didn’t.

contributor: Margo

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