Asking for a smacked bottom

In my day and age, if a child was naughty, the inevitable response from an adult was: “Somebody is asking for a smacked bottom” – which of course was very confusing, because who would want that?

Nevertheless, whether or not a naughty child wanted a spanked bottom or not was irrelevant because once those words were spoken, that was inevitably what was about to happen. It could happen anywhere: in a supermarket, on a beach, in the library, on the street; absolutely any place.

I remember myself experiencing a spanking which I never ever forgot. But I always did wonder why you were ever asked the question: “Do you want a smacked bottom?” or, if you were in company, “Somebody is asking for a smacked bottom when they get home…” If you had been naughty in company and those words had been spoken, you knew you were in big trouble!

There was one time when I was staying with my Aunt Denise and her daughter Carly. We had gone out to play one morning and were having such a good time we had stayed out way after curfew. Aunt Denise had to come our looking for us. She found us in our secret hiding place and I just knew by the look on her face that we were in big trouble.

“Come here, girls!” she shouted, grabbing both of our wrists. And then she gave us a big lecture on how bad we were to run off and not tell her where we were going. She was really upset and as I recall, quite tearful. Then Aunt Denise marched Carly and I down the street.

We got as far as the newsagents shop and Mrs Snell, the newsagent, waved good morning so Aunt Denise stopped to say hello. “Morning Denise, how are you today?” said Mrs. Snell and Aunt Denise stopped in her tracks with me and Carly in both of her hands. “I’m just fine, Mrs Snell,” she said.

“And how are these two little darlings today?” asked Mrs Snell, beaming all over her face. “Oh, they are just the naughtiest little girls you’ve ever met,” said Aunt Denise, “They ran away this morning and I’ve been looking everywhere for them.”

Then, to our horror, Aunt Denise started to cry. “Oh dear, ” said Mrs Snell. “These two little girls obviously need a smacked bottom.” “Yes indeed,” said Aunt Denise, “and I’m just heading home to do that right this moment.”

Carly and I looked at each other in disbelief. The horror of having Mrs Snell hear our fate was the ultimate humiliation! “Quite right too,” said Mrs. Snell, with a big beam on her face. “My Samuel had his bottom smacked right up until he was 17 and even now he wouldn’t dare cross me!”

These kind of comments seemed to give Aunt Denise renewed incentive and she suddenly said: “Well, Mrs Snell, I think it would be a good lesson for these two naughty girls if they had their bottoms smacked here and now!” We were horrified but Mrs Snell merely nodded her head in agreement and the two of them went into a murmured conversation.

“You there, Alice, come here,” said Mrs Snell. And I stepped forward after receiving a shove from Aunt Denise. “Do you know you worried your Aunt Denise half to death by running off?” “N…no,” I stammered. “What’s that?” she asked. “No,” I said. “Well, you did young lady and you don’t look one bit sorry” said Mrs Snell.

“You are definitely asking for a smacked bottom aren’t you?” I had no idea how to answer this and so I just hung my head and mumbled ‘yes’. Mrs Snell then grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me towards her. I couldn’t believe what was happening. “The best thing for you is to take your knickers down and spank your backside,” she announced.

And with that, I was unceremoniously pulled towards her, my underwear was yanked down and I found myself straddled across Mrs Snell’s big fat knees. “Say you’re sorry,” she said. But to my horror, before I could say anything, one of Mrs. Snell’s customers came into the shop at just the moment I was laying bare bottom across her knee.

“My, my – someone obviously needs a smacked bottom,” said Mrs Driver. “Yes,” said Aunt Denise, “they’ve been very naughty girl.s” “Well, don’t let me stop you,” said Mrs Driver. And with that, Mrs Snell began to deliver my first proper spanking, bare bottom, over her knee in front of a shop full of people.

I don’t suppose it lasted very long but it felt like forever! She was very thorough, spanking in the same spot for five or six spanks and then asking: “Is this naughty girl sorry now?” Obviously, by the time my bottom was beetroot red, this naughty girl was extremely sorry and so sore I couldn’t sit down for a week!

When I was finally released, I ran to Aunt Denise and my cousin Carly was pushed forward. I watched with fascination as Mrs Snell went through the same routine: “You need a smacked bottom, don’t you, young lady?” and Carly, horrified said: “Nnnnooooo!” “Oh, but I think you do,” said Mrs Snell.

She pulled Carly over her knee and lifted her skirt up to her waist, then she pulled her pants down and began to deliver a hard hand spanking to her bare bottom. At the end, she pulled Carly’s pants back up and whacked her again over the top of her skirt.

“There you go, girls,” she said, with a big beam on her face. “If they ever need another smacked bottom, Denise, you just let me know.”

And with that, off we went home but we certainly didn’t sit down when we got there and, worst of all, Aunt Denise decided she’d liked Mrs Snell’s technique so much that she spanked us both soundly for years afterwards!

Contributor: Alice

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