No fooling around

A few years ago, my mother passed away. My father was already gone, so my siblings and I got together to clean out the house and put the affairs in order.

While we were there we talked about our mother. Most of us maintained a decent relationship with her but for each of us there was some stress on the relationship, mostly centred on how strict and rigid Mom could be.

As we talked, we realised that each of us had received an extremely humiliating spanking from our mother at some point in our adolescence and it caused some strain. Now, all spankings are embarrassing – I think that’s partly the point of them. But these spankings were way beyond embarrassing, they were humiliating. I will try to find time to relate each one, starting with my oldest sister.

Melanie was 17 and she had just started dating a new boy. It was the summer. My dad was at work and my mom was out running errands and was supposed to be out for a few hours. As soon as my mom left, my sister called her new beau and he was over in a flash. We were not allowed to have boys in our rooms under any circumstances, and we were not allowed to have boys over at all when there were no parents about.

About 30 seconds after he was in our house, he and my sister began making out. They both ended up shirtless as they continued to fool around. My sister really liked this boy so she decided to make a big impression on him. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his (surprising large) penis and began to give him a blow job.

It was right about this time that my mother returned home from running errands much sooner than expected. She needed to return something to a store and she had forgotten it, so she returned to pick it up. She saw the boy’s car in the driveway and she was furious. When she did not see my sister or her beau downstairs she went upstairs, and threw the door open. She was shocked to see my topless sister bobbing up and down on her boyfriend’s dick. My mom shrieked and ordered the boyfriend out, while delivering him a stinging slap across his face. He grabbed his shirt and beat a hasty retreat.

I had walked out into the hall to see what all of the commotion was, and was (pleasantly) surprised to see a cute shirtless boy with his big cock bobbing around as he tried to get dressed and flee.

My mom and sister were in a shouting match like I had never heard before. I understand why Mom was mad but she went over the line. She called my sister a hussy and a slut and shamed her over and over again. Then she called me (aged 14) and my youngest sister (11) up to Melanie’s room. Our sister stood there topless, arms crossed over her breasts. She had a defiant look on her face but tears already in her eyes.

My mom told us what she had seen. She called my sister a slut again and told us that she wanted the younger girls to ‘see what happens to sluts in this family’. Then Mom pronounced sentence: my sister was to get strapped.

This was shocking news. We had all assumed that she was too old for a spanking. Melanie had not been strapped since she was about 13. She naturally protested that she was too old but Mom silenced her immediately, and sent my little sister to get the strap.

Usually I was happy to see Melanie taken down a peg, but this was too much – I wanted to be anywhere but here. My younger sister returned with the strap and gave it to Mom who ordered Melanie to bare her bottom. My sister argued some more but the threat of more spanks got her moving. As my sister pushed down her pants and underwear, she exposed a tampon string hanging out of her vagina. I had been sure that things couldn’t get any more humiliating for her, but I was wrong.

She bent over and pushed her bottom out. Then Mom said: “You girls pay attention. See what happens to a slut. Think about this if you ever want to fool around with a boy!”

She reared the belt back and thrashed my sister across her bare bottom. Melanie was usually the loudest and most dramatic of us but she seemed determined not to give Mom the satisfaction of crying out. 

Our mom always gave us our age in swats. None of us had been spanked past 13, so this one would be a bad one. Mom also seemed to be swinging the belt more fiercely than usual.

Melanie held out for five swats before she cried out. After 10, she was openly sobbing with tears and snot running down her face. After the 13th, she jumped out of position and jumped around, howling in pain and rubbing her bottom. My sister was already well endowed (as she is today) and her boobs jiggled and flopped around as she danced in pain.

Mom ordered her back into position but Melanie just couldn’t do it. I knew that if she didn’t get into place soon Mom would add more swats, so I grabbed Melanie’s hands and pushed them down on the bed to hold her in place. Mom gave her the final four swats. Melanie shrieked in pain and writhed to get away but I held her in place. After the last swat Melanie again danced around. Mom ordered her into the corner and told my sister and I to leave.

I felt so bad for Melanie, I snuck some cream in later to ease the pain of her swollen butt. it was the worst spanking I had ever seen. It did not keep my from fooling around with boys, mind you – but I always made sure to do it in a place where Mom could not find me!

Contributor: Nina

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