After the birthday boy

I grew up in rural, south east Texas. My parents spanked me when I needed it, but nothing very severe, unlike many of the experiences related here.

My best friend, David, lived across the cow pasture from us.  I was still 11 when his 12th birthday rolled around and went to his house for cake and home-made ice cream.  David had two little brothers and there were not any other kids close to our age around. His Dad was a welder and was working  out of town, so it just us four kids and his mom there. 

After cake and ice cream, David’s mom announced that it was time for his birthday spanking. That excited both me and his little brothers but embarrassed the hell out of David!

After a bit of complaining, David finally gave into the idea of being spanked. To be fair, I don’t think his Mom (whom I will call Mrs Smith) would have made him do it if he really didn’t want to.

Mrs Smith went to a drawer and pulled out an oval-shaped paddle. “Time to break this in!” she said merrily. I found out that David’s dad had made the paddle, thinking his son was getting too old for a hand spanking from Mom to have much an effect, and it had not been used up until this point.

David blushed. “Not on the bare, Mom!” he pleaded. His mother agreed, perhaps unsurprisingly as it was going to be done in front of other children. I already knew that all the boys were spanked privately when it was needed.

Mrs Smith pulled out one of the dining room chairs and told David to come over to her.  Then she said: “Well, David, I think we’d better have your jeans down, otherwise you’re not going to feel it properly!”

She unbuttoned her sons pants and let them drop to the floor.  She smoothed out her dress and patted her lap. David went over and she gripped his waist and smoothed down the seat of his boxers. 

She patted his bottom a couple times with the paddle, then landed a good smack across his left butt cheek. David nearly jumped upright from the sting, and the rest of us all counted ‘one’.

Twelve more swats, including the ‘one to grow on’ were applied to alternating cheeks. David did his best to be stoic through the rest of his spanking but after he was let us, he rubbed his butt with both hands and remarked: “Man, that thing burns! “ He added jokingly: “That thing needs to go in the fireplace this winter!”  We all laughed as David pulled up his jeans, but his mom added with a twinkle in her eye: “If anything happens to that paddle, my son, we’ll be cutting willow switches!”

David continued to rub his bottom, saying how much it burned. His mom had left the paddle on the kitchen table and I picked it up to admire it. It was quite thin, about a quarter of an inch thick, but heavy for its size. It was probably a bit larger than a pick pong paddle and definitely had a longer handle.

Without thinking, I said: “I bet this would really sting on a bare bottom!” 

All three boys looked at me with their mouths wide open. Mrs Smith turned to me. “Would you like to go over my knee and find out?  I have always wanted to spank that clabber butt of yours.” The boys about died laughing about my ‘clabber butt’.  

I was both embarrassed and scared.  I had a fascination about spankings for a few years at that time but never did anything to intentionally get spanked.  I was not that brave a child.  The other three boys all egged me on to try out the paddle. And why I said this, I don’t know, but I blurted out: “No way in front of y’all!”  

Now, I should mention that my parents had given Mrs Smith ‘spanking rights’ where I was concerned. She had never spanked me but I knew my own mother had encouraged her to ‘tear his butt up’ if I misbehaved while over at David’s house.

To my shock, Mrs Smith told her boys: “You three go play outside and I will let you know when you can come back in.” It dawned on me that I had volunteered for a spanking with that paddle and I would look like a cry baby in front of my friends if I backed down.  

I did not want to get that spanking, but in a strange way I did.  It piqued my curiosity anyhow.  I had never been spanked by anyone other than my parents and like I already said, their spankings were not that bad. Mrs Smith was what we today would call a BBW – with most of her weight in her hips and big breasts. I guess she was in her mid 30s at the time, and I had always admired the smoothness of her skin and her pretty smile. She had always been very nice to me too.

The other boys left, teasing me as they did so. David said: “Good luck, pard!” I was as nervous as I could be. Not so much because of the impending pain, but I was entering puberty and I was afraid of how my penis would act. 

Mrs Smith said: “Did you mean to talk yourself into this?” I answered ‘no’ but admitted I was afraid I would never live down the humiliation of backing out. Doing so would have really hurt my reputation.  

“You’ve done nothing wrong except let your mouth overload your you-know-what. And you don’t have to bare your butt to be paddled, but I won’t lie about it either.” 

Finally, I answered that I wanted to go through with it if she was willing to paddle me. Her answer was simply: “I would love to.”

She told me to take my jeans off completely, sat back down in the same dining room chair and patted her lap. I slipped down my jeans and was holding them in front of the tent in my briefs while trying to figure out where to put them.  “Just lay them on the back of one of the chairs and go over my lap.”  I did as I was told, still keeping my hands in front of my penis, and lay face down across her lap.  

Mrs Smith instructed me to slide forward, and I obeyed. The bulge in my briefs was now directly between her legs.  She put her fingers in the waistband of my undies and said: “Raise up some so I can get these down.” I lifted up my body for a moment and she pulled my briefs down to mid thigh.  “What a nice bottom!” she said. “Sorry I said you had a clabber butt. This is actually a lovely bubble butt!” She slapped my bare bottom lightly.

“Now, that paddle is really going to burn. Do you want me to get straight to it, or would you like a little hand spanking first to warm your bottom?” Feeling my erect penis between her legs, I was nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. “Spanking first,” I answered unsteadily.

After a few more pats and a bit of rubbing of my bottom, Mrs Smith began spanking me with her hand. It wasn’t too hard and definitely nothing I couldn’t handle. As she spanked, she told me what a nice, spankable bottom I had. “It’s nice and bouncy!” she added. “My own boys have virtually nothing back there.”

The spanking probably lasted about three minutes – more than just a few swats to warm my bottom up. Mrs Smith steadily increased both the pace and strength of the spanks. It hurt, but it felt good too, and I still had a good hard-on. 

Finally, Mrs Smith picked up the paddle, saying: “OK – time for the main event.” I felt the wood lightly tap my bare bottom a few times and I was afraid that I was going to ejaculate right there and then on her lap. 

However, the moment the paddling proper began, I forgot about my bulging erection and could only think about the heat in my butt. It stung for the first few smacks, quickly building to an unbearable burning in my buttocks.

I probably lasted about 25 swats, and from then I was bawling like a baby. Mrs Smith gave me maybe another 15 swats and then stopped. She laid the paddle down and started gently rubbing my bare bottom.  As I gradually brought my sobbing under control, she told me how brave I was, and what a nice bottom I had to spank. My erection was returning and I asked to be excused. 

Once I was up, I grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom, where I masturbated and quickly relieved myself. Then I washed my face, got dressed and went back to the kitchen. Mrs Smith gave me a hug. “Can you tell from my face that I cried?” I asked anxiously. “Yes you can, honey,” she answered, but that’s understandable. Any child would have done the same.”

She added: “I’m sorry if I was a bit harsh with you?” I smiled weakly through the burn as I rubbed my behind. “Well, I guess I asked for it!”

Mrs Smith called the other boys back in, and they were full of questions. She suggested I show them my bottom. Despite my shyness, I did and all three were very impressed. 

That was the only spanking I ever got from Mrs Smith but we talked about it several times.  It was always around David or my mother, so there was no way I could ask for another. To be honest, I would not have wanted another padding but I would have willing taken a hand spanking if she had offered and we were alone, but those dreams went unfulfilled.

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