Truant brought to book

My parents were strict – especially my mother. When I misbehaved she would frequently beat me on the bare bottom with her hairbrush, which hurt a great deal.

Mom had no qualms about baring my bottom and spanking me in front of the rest of the family, including my older sister Rebeca. She always enjoyed witnessing these punishments, and would tease me afterwards about how much I had cried when I was beaten, or how red my ‘little bottom’ was after mom had finished with it.

But one day, the tables turned, and I witnessed my sister get the same treatment for the first time. I don’t know for sure whether it was Rebeca’s actual first spanking. Mom always went easier on her, it seemed to me, but it may well be that she had spanked Rebeca in private because she thought it inappropriate that her maturing body should be seen by the males in the family.

It happened one day that Rebeca decided to play truant from school. Unfortunately, word of this got back to our mom. When we both arrived back home last night, Mom asked: “Rebeca, how was school today?” My sister turned her face away slightly so Mom couldn’t read her expression but answered calmly: “Yeah, it was OK.”

Then Mom pulled out her ace. “How do you know? Because you didn’t go to school at all today, did you?” She then revealed that our neighbour Sofia had spotted Rebeca in the park.

Rebeca went white with fear. She tried to insist that it was wasn’t her who had been seen. Mom snapped: “Are you calling Sofia a liar? Do you not think I know perfectly well what you’ve been up to, daughter?”

Rebeca began to cry at this point but Mom was unmoved. “I’m going to get the brush, and then you will have something to really cry about.”

I looked up from my homework with quiet interest. As I say, I had never witnessed my sister getting corporal punishment. I could feel the blood pumping around my body in excitement, even though at this point I still half expected Mom to take Rebeca to her room to be beaten.

Well, I was wrong. Mom came back with the brush. “Take off your skirt and panties,” she told my sister. “Mom!” Rebeca wailed in protest. “Do it now, or it will be much worse for you, I guarantee!”

Very reluctantly, my sister began to do as she was told. I looked with interest as she slipped down her panties. Rebeca already had quite a large, womanly bottom. When she turned around slowly to face Mom, I noticed with interest her vulva, which I don’t think I’d ever seen properly before. My sister’s private area was adorned with quite a prominent triangle of black pubic hair.

Mom put Rebeca over her knee, the same as she did with me, and began to beat her buttocks thoroughly with the hairbrush. Rebeca yelled like she was being killed and I watched with my heart in my mouth as her bottom went slowly pink, then bright red, from the spanking. It seemed to go on for hours although it was in truth only a few minutes, then Rebeca was let up and she ran wailing to her room, clutching her very sore bottom and leaving her clothes behind disregarded.

I pretended to go back to my homework, although my mind was full only of what I had just witnessed. A few seconds later, Mom said: “I have to go see Sofia – I’ll be back in a minute.”

She left, and I put down my school books. My eyes strayed across to my sister’s abandoned clothes. I stood up and walked over to them. Heart still pounding, I picked up my sister’s panties and examined them. They were still warm from her body. I put the crotch up to my nose, and for the first time in my life I experienced the scent of a girl’s vagina. But then I heard the front door opening again as Mom returned, and I dropped the panties like they were as hot as my sister’s own behind.

I went back to my work as Mom prepared dinner. But that night, as soon as I got chance to be alone, I went to my own bedroom and masturbated, thinking about my sister’s spanking, her body and her smell.

Contributor: Manuel

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