Maternal bragging rights

I am a Chilean girl and came across this blog by chance. I’m writing to you because Eddie’s story A birthday to remember touched my heart and reminded me of my own childhood.

I grew up in the 1990s, when corporal punishment was very common among my classmates and the other kids of my generation, unlike now. My mother, in her youth, was a very tough and nervous parent – she would get upset by almost anything, and I was constantly afraid of her while I was growing up.

Just like Eddie, I hid in the closet to avoid a spanking. My mother frequently threatened to hit me and my brother on the bare bottom, often waving a belt at us, and this made my an extremely shy and nervous child.

Once we were in the pool of a hotel where we were stayin in connection with my dad’s work. All the other children were enjoying the pool but I didn’t feel like going – I didn’t like the feeling of wearing a bathing cap in a heated pool. This frustrated my mother, who basically began to force me into my bathing suit in the women’s changing room.

Eventually tiring of my obstinacy and resistance, she first pulled my hair in front of the people in the bathroom, then finally lowered my bikini bottom and hit me on the bare buttocks, with no regard to the other women and children present.

I remember all too well the resultant crying, and the feeling of shame of being spanked on my bare bottom in front of everyone. Having brought me under control, Mother led me out of the changing room to the pool, where I cried in a corner for a while until my brother came over to comfort and play with me.

When we went back up to the hotel room, still in our bathing suits, I could see how pink my bottom still was from the spanking and was utterly shamed. I even remember a couple of kids in the pool pointing at my behind and telling others how they had seen me spanked.

My brother and I were always very close and tried to defend each other from our mother’s tempers. I find it hard to understand those on this site who watched with a smile while their siblings were spanked, as we always found it distressing when the other was spanked. I remember clearly one particular severe punishment my brother received for having bad school grades. Mom bent him over the edge of his bed and beat him on the bare behind with a belt. Mother maintained that such punishments were for our own good.

I am now 29 but still remember these times when other people saw my private parts during a spanking. Mom once spanked me naked from the waist down in front of my grandmother, because I didn’t want to sit down to eat. She put me face down on my bed for the whipping, exposing not only my bottom but also my vagina in front of grandma.

Mom would also brag to her friends about how strict she was and the spankings my brother and I godt at home. I remember her one day sitting and chatting next to a friend, then telling me in front of her: “Patty also spanks her little girls’ bare bottoms when they’re naughty – she hits them with a belt.” Then she turned back to Patty and told her about the hand prints she had left on my bare behind the last time she spanked me.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand parents who could brag about such things. Fortunately, today this is very rare but back then it was not. A classmate of mine was frequently beaten by her parents for having poor grades, and I remember one day her father appeared in the classroom holding a belt. He spoke to his daughter in a mocking, threatening tone about what was going to happen once he got her home. The girl was extremely nervous, and probably close to wetting herself.

On another occasion, her mother beat her with the belt and the next day went to the girls’ toilets, where she took down her panties and showed us the marks across her buttocks. It was very distressing, and many of us cried just looking at her bottom. We comforted the girl and actively helped her with her studies in future so her grades would improve.

The spankings obviously had a big effect on me – it has made me actively seek out accounts of other children who were treated in a similar manner – and when I remember my own punishments I feel a strange range of emotions, from erotic ones to those of shame and injustice.

As I say, reading Eddie’s story reminded me of my own childhood and I feel that life was very unfair to him. Eddie, if you read this, I want you to know that you never did anything really bad – you were just a child who was unfairly punished.

Having said that, I really would like to read more of your stories here on Maman. If you ever wanted to talk, please get in touch – I’m all ears. A huge hug to you and all the other contributors here on Maman.

Contributor: Ciara

[Editor’s note: Eddie, Ciara has supplied her email address which, while I won’t post it publicly on the site, I’m happy to pass on should you wish to get in touch]

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